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Buyers Have a Real Problem with Landlocked Property- Landthink Pulse

Landthink PulseBuyers of rural land are deterred by a lack of legal access to the property. A recent Pulse Survey from  posed the question to prospective land buyers, “Which do you see as the biggest drawback or deterrent when considering the purchase of rural land?” The choices of problems given in the poll were: lack of legal access, zoning restrictions, lack of a year-round water feature, lack of electricity, and an existing conservation easement on the property.

Respondents seemed to be most deterred by the lack of legal access, or a property being “Landlocked”. A close second was a property having zoning restrictions. Someone once told me that “Land never has a problem. Only the person that owns the land has a problem.” I chuckled at that, but then the wisdom of the statement sank in. Every property will have some warts; you must decide if you can live with them if you own the property.

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Written by: Jonathan Goode is an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) and licensed land broker in Alabama and Mississippi. He co-hosts the weekly radio program, The Land Show, that covers many of these topics for people interested in buying or selling land in Alabama.