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The Land Show Episode 182

On this week’s show:

Dave Milton:  Well Jonathon man, I’m glad to be back in the saddle with you this week. It was a great show. First guest Ryan Folk, Landflip, Landthink, all the networks of all his different sites. He’s a sponsor of the show, and it was just a really tremendous segment about all the great things we’re doing.

Jonathan Goode:  Yeah, I really appreciate Ryan coming on. And then we had Don Ellers join us. Don is the land crawler, a lot of folks know him. He recently joined our team about 18 months ago and talked about the Talladega National Forest, and all of the great benefits of owning land that adjoins the national forest. So always good to hear from him, and you’ll want to catch that segment.

Dave Milton: The old mountain Don, his branding, and he’s been crawling those mountains for years.

Jonathan Goode:  For sure.

Dave Milton:  He does great. And Robert, speaking of that Robert, we talk about Robert’s farm there that’s close to the national forest, and there in Clay County and the cattle market, and all the interesting… He gave us some good insight, the cattle market may be ticking up.

Jonathan Goode:  Yeah, and our prayers do go out to our farming friends there in the mid-west. There are a lotta folks that are suffering right now, and we certainly will keep you in our prayers. We had our good friend John Morris join us from Shelby County, he talked to us today about some great fishing with our friend Captain David Hare, Alex City Guide Service, how his boys caught some monster Stripers. And then we also talked about an 808 acre place that we just listed in Tuscaloosa County that is–

Dave Milton:  Yeah, and we’re gonna get those pictures of that big, giant fish, one of his kids got.

Jonathan Goode: 35-pound Striped Bass.

Dave Milton:  It’s a Big, fat hog, I’m telling ya.

Jonathan Goode:  So we’ll put that on the Land Show Facebook page. And then we talked about that 808 acres in Tuscaloosa County, just a jam up recreational and hunting track, 15 minutes from Bryant-Denny Stadium, that’s unheard of in that county.

Dave Milton:  That’s prime land in that area, it’s hard to find. For sure. And then we brought the closer in, Tim Baker, he always brings the heat. We talked about Lawrence County, which is a fascinating county with lots of history, lots of diversity of the mountain land and the flat land on the river. We just appreciate y’all watching The Land Show, and check it out, and join us every week for The Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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