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The Land Show Episode 183

On this week’s show

  • Blakely Ellis, Executive Director for the Coastal Conservation Association, talks about the great things happening to improve fishing along the Gulf Coast.
  • Russ Walters discusses cover crops for peanuts and cotton in our Farmland Report. Russ also shares a new mini-farm project around Andalusia.
  • Fred Hanners, new agent with SE Land Group, talks about the Wiregrass and the land market around Dothan.
  • Chris Wood, owner of Pond Pro, makes recommendations on what you should be doing in your farm pond right now to grow big healthy bass.
  • Tim Baker delivers the Outdoor Update from Danville, Al in Morgan County.

Dave Milton: Well Jonathon I tell you what man, it was a great show today we’re glad to have our good friend here, Chris Wood with Pond Pro. Chris, thanks for being on the Land Show today.

Chris Wood: Thank y’all for having me.

Dave Milton: Hey give us one quick pond tip for, you know, Chris is in the pond management business, with Pond Pro, they do a great job. Give us a pond tip.

Chris Wood: I tell you one of the big things is, don’t let that brush go to waste. You got tree limbs falling, you got old Christmas trees from Christmas time, take that put it in your pond. That’s gonna really help out the bluegill and the brim species, give them a place to hide keep them safe and sheltered for a while.

Dave Milton: Great tip, we had another big guest too I know.

Jonathan Goode: Oh we did, we had Blakely Ellis with the Coastal Conservation Association of Alabama joining us. Lot of good stuff going on. I got to get into this salt water fishing man. I don’t know any…

Dave Milton: You can’t go with a tie here Pastor Goode that you’re wearing here. You preaching…

Jonathan Goode: No that’s Pastor Goode was my dad. I got a somber occasion after this today, but enjoy being on the show and Blakely just talked about a lot of great stuff. Some of these banquets that are coming up around the state, sounds like the seafood and crawfish is gonna be outstanding.

Dave Milton: Crawfish man I just…

Jonathan Goode: Woo!

Dave Milton: That is absolutely the best here in Birmingham. Russ came on, gave us a great report about what’s going on down on his farm, ripping the ground, getting ready to plant, and he’s got a tremendous mini-farm project going there outside of Andalusia. Lindsay Mills doing fantastic, people are loving it. And then we had a new guest down there.

Jonathan Goode: That’s right, we got a new agent, Fred Hanners, with Southeastern Land Group. He’s down there in the wire grass area, down around Dothan. You ambushed him.. when Brian White, our timber guy, his voice… He couldn’t be on the show today, so we just got Fred on the phone and he is going to be a great fit to our team. He’s got a lot of experience with what we do.

Dave Milton: He is. Fred’s a lifelong farmer and selling farms down there and doing a great job, working with the Poultry South team, also. Then we brought in our closer, the Tim Baker Show there, that’s what we’re goin to have to call it now. Now Tim did a great job tellin us what was going on in Morgan County with farmin and fishin and huntin, and we appreciate ya’ll watching The Land Show, so check out the rest of the show.

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