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The Land Show Episode 185

On this week’s show

  • Dr. John McCall, Dean of Natural Sciences and Math at the University of West Alabama, joins us to discuss the donation of over 2000 acres of land along the Cahaba River and the great resources UWA provides landowners in dealing with invasive species.
  • Randall Upchurch shares about what is happening on his family farm and about a great poultry farm for sale in Cleburne County, AL.
  • Taylor Hart with First South Farm Credit comes in studio to talk about the programs available for making those rural land purchases a reality.
  • Dave and Johnny answer a listener question regarding how to do a 1031 like-kind exchange of properties held for investment.
  • Tim Baker tells us how to talk sweet to the turkeys to make that late season hunt successful in our Outdoor Update.

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Dave Milton:  Well Jonathon it was another great show, man. I know we started the show off on memory lane for you, that was a great first segment.

Jonathan Goode:  It was, one of my longtime friends a professor there at the University of West Alabama, Dr. John McCall. Who’s now the Dean of Natural Sciences and Math there. And Dave it’s always risky when you get somebody from your college days to get on your radio show you never know what’s gonna happen. But they received a fantastic donation of a little over 2000 acres on the Cahaba River and what a great resource for the students and faculty there at UWA.

Dave Milton:  Yeah that was tremendous information. Exciting to see what’s gonna happen there. We had our old friend Taylor Hart came in the studio with us in Montgomery today. Taylor’s the head guy with the Opelika branch. We talked about First South Farm Credit all over the State, and one of our sponsors. They’re so integral to land sales, and land lending and they just do a tremendous job.

Jonathan Goode:  They do and then we had Randall Upchurch join us, give us our Farm Land report. He was talking about what’s going on in their family cattle farm. And then also talked about the Rock house Poultry Farm there in Cleburne County and sounds like a really neat place.

Dave Milton:  Oh yeah. And we got into a little bit of the history there of fruit herbs.

Jonathan Goode:  Oh yeah.

Dave Milton:  You have to listen, but it’s really interesting actually. Then we had one of our listener emails. Miss Fran from Calera, had a great question for you about 10/31 exchange.

Jonathan Goode:  Yeah it’s great, learning how to sell a property that’s held for investment and then purchase another property or replacement property. It’s a great tool, can be a great tool, for investment and estate planning.

Dave Milton:  Right.

Jonathan Goode:  And then also we ended up the show with the Wild Man, Tim Baker and he was giving some last minute, last end of the season turkey tips here and talked a small amount of fish, something you love.

Dave Milton:  He gave that late season call, I like that too.

Jonathan Goode:  He did and Tim’s always got something for us here on the show. Well y’all thanks for tuning in we hope that you’ll catch the podcast. Check it out on And join us again next week for more of The Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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