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The Land Show Episode 186

On This Week’s Show

  • Blake Hargroder, owner of Blake’s Crawfish, talks about those cajun-flavored crawdads that everyone wants to eat this time of year, and how they grow them on his farm in west Alabama.
  • Russ Walters takes a break from planting their first peanuts of the year to give us the Farmland Report.
  • Brian Watts pauses in the tall timbers to provide some insights in the Timber Talk segment
  • Ben Elliott, with Alabama Ag Credit, talks about some of the great cooking their office has been doing to serve the community recently and also how to get a rural land loan for purchasing land.
  • Tim Baker talks about the Elk River during our Outdoor Update.

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Dave Milton:  Well Jonathan, I tell you it was another great show today. We’re just proud to have Mr. Ben Elliott with us today with Alabama Ag Credit. Ben you did a great job telling us about all the good things Alabama Ag Credit has going on.

Ben Elliott:  It’s always a pleasure to be with you guys, it puts a smile on my face to listen to all the stories y’all got to tell, all the things we get to do together. So it’s a great deal.

Dave Milton:  Well I tell you what, just seeing you makes me think of all that good chicken and sausage and that puts a smile on my face. And Jonathan we had your Cajun buddy that came on, that was great.

Jonathan Goode:  Yeah, Blake Hargroder from out there in west Alabama in my part of the world. Does a fantastic job growing crawfish. Everybody in west Alabama knows Blake. You know him, you’re about to do some crawfish boil with his–

Dave Milton:  I’m gonna break a lot of folks hearts, we’re gonna feed a lot of bass crawfish, but we’re gonna eat some too at my house. So we’re looking forward to Blake bringing those crawfish. And then Russ Walters came, tell us about planting peanuts and he’s all fired up getting his runners going down there. The peanut prices are good, we talked about peanut prices, cotton prices. And then you got the old big man out in the–

Jonathan Goode:  That’s right, another big man, that’s right.

Dave Milton:  Another big college ex-lineman.

Jonathan Goode:  Brian Watts with our Timber Sales Division for Southeastern Land Group was talking to us about some considerations that you need to think about when you’re gonna cut timber and sell a piece of land. And you really need to talk to Brian or some of the folks with our Timber Sales Division before you make those kinds of decisions. There’s just so much to consider. And then Ben came in and talked to us about borrowing some money to buy those dreams.

Dave Milton:  And Ben always does a great job. And then we brought in the closer, the Wild Man Tim Baker. He was up actually working in Tennessee and doing a good job up there. He and Greg Plattenburg were listing some beautiful places in southern Tennessee. The Elk River, what a beautiful area. And Tim talked about constructing duck holes. We appreciate y’all watching our little video and be sure to listen to the rest of The Land Show.

Jonathan Goode:  That’s right, and we want to give folks a chance while we’ve got Ben in the studio, Ben you guys finance a lot of these dreams for folks and if somebody wants to talk to the offices of Alabama Ag Credit, how do they reach you guys?

Ben Elliott:  Best way to look us up is online at our website or they’re welcome to call our office and we’ll put them in contact with whoever they need to talk with at (334) 270-8686.

Dave Milton:  And y’all stay tuned, we’ve got more of the interview with Ben. Just listen to the rest of the show, we appreciate it.

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