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The Land Show Episode 197

This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Mike Rhodes, with Alabama Outdoor News and Georgia Outdoor News, joins us to talk about the Big Buck Shootout at the World Deer Expo.
  • Captain Sam Williams, owner of Hawks Fishing Guide Service, talks about his fishing guide service on Lake Eufaula.
  • Mike Ventry with Accuplan Benefit Services talks about the power of personal investing in a land through a self-directed IRA.
  • Randall Upchurch gives our Farmland Report.
  • Tim Baker gives the Outdoor Update.

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Dave Milton: Well Jonathan, it was another great show today, man. I’m excited about heading up to Birmingham here in a little bit to the World Deer Expo. We had a great first guest on there, Mike Rhodes.

Jonathan Goode: Yeah, Mike Rhodes with Alabama Outdoor News. I can’t wait to say who the winner of this event is at 2 o’clock today, this big boat shootout. We also heard from a really interesting character down at Lake Eufaula.

Dave Milton: Oh yeah, Captain Sam Williams, that was just a treat. Captain Sam’s life story was tremendous growing up in the Everglades. There’s a rumor that he brought the gators up to Eufaula. But he says it’s not true. Tremendous fishing guy, great testimony, can’t wait to go fishing with him.

Jonathan Goode: Absolutely, and then we had our friend and sponsor of the show, Mike Ventry, with Accuplan Benefit Services. Mike can help you if you’ve got financial planning you need to do with self-directed individual retirement accounts or if you’ve got a 401K and he talked to us about how you can make those kinds of real estate investments.

Dave Milton: Well I’m gonna let you talk about Randall because I’ve gotta step out but.

Jonathan Goode: Oh yeah.

Dave Milton: I don’t know what y’all talked about.

Jonathan Goode: Yeah, and then Randall Upchurch, we went to Clay County and talked to him and Randall talked to us a little bit about vaccinating some of his cows and then also about hay. Those guys are selling some poultry farms man.

Dave Milton: Yeah.

Jonathan Goode: Like crazy.

Dave Milton: It’s amazing and had a lot of fun at the end. We brought in the closer, the Wild Man, Tim Baker, and he gave us some of his paleo neanderthal stories back in the woolly mammoth days. He’s always a lot of fun. We talked about some great properties in Tennessee and Alabama that he has for sale. I appreciate y’all watching this little promotional about the rest of the show. Be sure to listen to the rest of The Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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