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The Land Show Episode 198

This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny

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Dave Milton: Well, Johnny, other than me and you, it was a great show today. It was a tremendous first guest, close to your home country.

Jonathan Goode: Yeah, up there in Cullman County we had Jeremy Calvert with J. Calvert Farm up there, exit 299 off of 65. Talkin’ about their produce and their family farm that they’ve had. Sounds like a neat place, I’m looking forward to seeing it in the next week.

Dave Milton: Yeah, and then we have one of our, one of our great sponsors, one of our biggest and oldest sponsors of the show Alabama Ag Credit, Mr. Big Ben Elliott, former Auburn Great was on, and talking to us about all the good things going on, you know, rates have dipped a little bit, they’re loanin’ on everything out in the countryside they do a tremendous job and we’ve been talkin’ ’bout cattle farming.

Jonathan Goode: Yeah, something he knows about ’cause he does it personally, and then we went down to the wiregrass to talk to our friend Russ Walters, he gave us the Farmland report and a commodity update, sounds like our cotton farmers are kind of in a tenuous position right now and he was speaking to some of that, and hopefully they’ll all our farmers will get a little rain and get us through to the end of the season.

Dave Milton: Yup. And we went from Big Ben Elliott to Big Brian Watts, those two guys would make an impressive right side of an offensive line.

Jonathan Goode: That’s right, no skinny people in the land business, really?

Dave Milton: No, but we talked about about four different ways of seeding pine tracks, you know, and different strategies and Brian always brings great forestry knowledge.

Jonathan Goode: He does, and then we wrapped it up with the Wild Man, Tim Baker. He was talkin’ about this upcoming sandhill crane season in Alabama, four hundred lucky folks are gonna be drawn to participate in this hunting season. We’re looking forward to sample or to cook or to get our hands on some of that sandhill crane.

Dave Milton: I hope so, man.

Jonathan Goode: So thank ya’ll for tunin’ in today, if you missed any of the previous episodes, go to the info at, check that out, lord willin’, Dave and I will be back again next week for more of The Land Show.

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