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The Land Show Episode 199

This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

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Dave Milton: Well Jonathan, it was another great Land Show, man. It started off with a bang with our old friend, George Mann. He came on and kind of went around the world with George. He told us a little about hunting and fishing and gulf fishing and getting ready for dove season and deer season. And then, we really had an interesting segment there in Clay County next.

Jonathan Goode: Yeah we did. Robert King talked to us about the importance of making sure you got good water and shade for your cattle this time of year. That heat can be a stressor. It’s a stressor on me and I am a big cow so that’s important. And then we talked to our good friend, Chris Wood with Pond Pro. I know he’s done some work for you.

Dave Milton: Yeah, those tiger bass are just tremendous. And he taught us how to manage those and then went down to the coast had- I want to thank Rick Borne for being on. He did a great job. He was kind of in and out. I think you and I were getting sleepy or something. He had to come in and give us some relief. But he had a friend on, didn’t he?

Jonathan Goode: Yeah, Chris Vecsey came on. He’s with Sam’s Stop and Shop down there in Orange Beach. Rick says that he is the man when it comes to having all the inside information. I think they even hooked up on a fish while you were on the phone.

Dave Milton: They did, yeah. A big ol’ tarpon, I believe.

Jonathan Goode: Yeah, good deal. And then we rented it out. Rick told us about a great property there in Greenville called Fossil Ridge. He’s been showing the stew out of that one. And then we closed out with the Wild Man, Tim Baker. Tim always delivers the goods. He was up in Tennessee today, looking at a property. And just another good show, my friend.

Dave Milton: It was. You know, next week will be our 200th episode so we will be the same age as the state of Alabama. No but thank ya’ll for watching. Ya’ll really make the show. Keep getting us your questions and info at Check us out online, all the different places we are. We want to thank the different radio stations that have us around Alabama. And be sure to check out the rest of the show.

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