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The Land Show Episode 200

This week the guys hit a milestone, 200th Episode of The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Alabama’s Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, Rick Pate, comes in to talk about some great things happening in Alabama agriculture and the new Sweet Grown Alabama initiative.
  • Randall Upchurch brings our Farmland Report. randall-upchurch
  • Captain David Hare, with Alex City Guide Service, talks to us from the boat while about catching some big stripe bass on Lake Martin.
  • Tim Baker delivers our Outdoor Update from Perry County in the Black Belt.
Dave Milton: Well, Jonathan, somehow we made it for 200 shows.

Jonathan Goode: Two hundred.

Dave Milton: I tell you man, it was a great show today. Really appreciate Rick Pate, Commissioner of Ag and Industries here in Alabama. He’s doing a great job, man.

Jonathan Goode: He is.

Dave Milton: He comes out of private business and he’s just killing it. He’s really serving the people of Alabama.

Jonathan Goode: Yeah, fantastic interview with him, and then we had the unofficial commissioner of agriculture in the State of Alabama, Randall Upchurch with Southeastern Land Group and Poultry South, and he’s traveling back from Atlanta today from showing a farm. And those guys do a fantastic job. They also talked about a new trend in beef, the vaca vieja, so you’ll want to try some of that aged beef.

Dave Milton: Yeah. Jerky, is that what it is?

Jonathan Goode: Experienced, it’s more experienced beef.

Dave Milton: Yeah, and then we had Captain David Hare, longtime guest, lot of fun, catching a lot of fish on Lake Martin, these big trophy stripers and just bringing us some great information. It’s always fun to hear from somebody live on the boat.

Jonathan Goode: Yeah, for sure. And then we wrapped it up with wild man Tim Baker. He always does a fantastic job. Today he had slipped into my backyard at Perry Kennedy, so I hope he’s out of there by sundown. Thank you so much for tuning into The Land Show. This has been a good run, man.

Dave Milton: Absolutely, and be sure to join us at the Buckmasters Show coming up, and be sure to listen to the rest of The Land Show. We appreciate it.