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The Land Show Episode 201

This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Luke Smelley joins us to talk about his family farm in Hale County, Alabama and what an honor it is to receive the Outstanding Young Farm Family award.
  • Tim Olkie, owner of BlackBelt Hardware and Outdoors, joins the guys to talk sporting goods and foodplot planting for the fall.
  • Robert King gives our Farmland Report.
  • Brian Watts talks hunting leases in our Timber Talk segment.
  • Tim Baker discusses a great new farm property available in the Bankhead National Forest in our Outdoor Update

Dave Milton: Well, Jonathan it was a great show today. We’re gettin’ ready for our Buckmasters event. And we talked a lot about Buckmasters. Hope everybody will come see us, and you had a great first guest on from your part of the world.

Jonathan Goode: That’s right, my friend Luke Smelley from Hale County, Alabama, was on. He recently, along with his wife Lana won the Outstanding Young Farm Family award through ALFA last week, so that’s a big deal. And had him on to talk about his family farm there in Hale County.

Dave Milton: Well we stayed on that western side of the state, with another good friend of yours, Tim Olkie, real interesting guy from California that kinda surfed his way all the to Perry County and has got a tremendous business. They have guns, they have feed & seed, Blackbelt Hardware and Outdoors, really interesting segment.

Jonathan Goode: Yeah, it was, and then we went to Clay County, Alabama. Talked to our good friend Robert King for our Farmland Report. Talked to us about some efficiencies on the farm, and he just knows what he’s talkin’ about.

Dave Milton: Oh, he does. Then we kinda mixed it up today with the big man, Brian Watts. We kinda shifted from timber to hunting leases. We talked about how to craft hunting leases and pros and cons and different things to look for and finished out with another great segment, didn’t we?

Jonathan Goode: That’s right, Tim Baker talked to us about 133 acres up there in the Bankhead National Forest, where the Sasquatches roam, and that sounds like a really neat place. Y’all wanna check that out on And y’all, thanks for listenin’. Thanks for tunin’ in and gettin’ the podcast. You can get it sent to your phone every week through the Apple Store or Spotify, however, you get podcasts, and we just ask that you listen to the rest of the show. Thank you for tunin’ in.