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The Land Show Episode 204

This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:


Dave Milton: Jonathan, it was a great show, today and I just really appreciate the big Ben Elliot being on with us for Alabama AG Credit. Ben, thanks for being on The Land Show today.

Ben Elliott: It’s always a pleasure, it was a great time to visit.

Dave Milton: Yeah, we appreciate Ben of Alabama AG Credit, and all of ours sponsors for sponsoring The Land Show, and you had on a friend over in West Alabama.

Jonathan Goode: Yeah, we did. Mr. Lee Stegall, he’s with Sumter County Shrimp over there, talked about some fine tasting, saltwater, inland shrimp that are growing right here in Alabama, and I’m looking forward to running over and grabbing some of those, man.

Dave Milton: Well we got the surf covered, and then we went to the turf, to the big man over there in Clay County, Randall Upchurch, and really went deep on how the cattle industry works, and they were trucking a big shipment to feed lots out in Kansas, and we talked about finishing cattle. Very very interesting, and then I guess we finished up with that Wild Man, didn’t we?

Jonathan Goode: We did. Tim Baker came in and talked to us about his trip to a big rock and mineral show in Ohio last week. When folks think rock show they think rock concert, but not Tim Baker, that’s not what he does, It was another great show. And Dave, how can folks get more information, or if they want to listen to the whole podcast? How do they do that?

Dave Milton: They could always send us emails at for your questions and be sure to download the podcast, go to the Apple Store, you can find us many different ways. You’re more tech-savvy than I am. Tell us which ones.

Jonathan Goode: Well, Go to the, that’s the easiest way. And if you missed any of the previous episodes, all of those are right there for you. This is episode 204. We appreciate y’all listening, we hope that you’ll get the rest of the show.

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