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The Land Show Episode 207

This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny

Dave Milton: Well, Jonathan, it was another great show. I tell you, you had a really interesting first guest that I think all Alabamians would be, and anybody would be interested in.

Jonathan Goode: Yeah, Jay Grantland with the Alabama Scenic River Trail and the Great Alabama 650 talked to us about a fantastic canoe race that covered the whole length of the state this past week, so you’ll want to hear that.

Dave Milton: Yeah, and I was really intrigued with our second guest, Miss Kasey Dixon with the Sand Mountain Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch there up in Sardis, Alabama on Sand Mountain, close to Boaz and Albertville. And it’s the dangest corn maze that I’ve ever heard about with questions and traps, celebrating the bicentennial of the state. A really, really interesting segment.

Jonathan Goode: Yeah, it was. And then we were pleased to have Robert King on with our Farmland report. He and Spencer Loveless were out taking a look at a farm today there in Tallapoosa County, in your neck of the woods, and talked to us about poultry farms and what you need to be doing for your cattle in this type of dry weather.

Dave Milton: Yeah, and then we brought the Wild Man in to close it out, Tim Baker, and he talked to us about traditional Indian dugout canoes and how he had made one with some other gentlemen over in Russellville out of a poplar log. And just, you know, that guy is just,

Jonathan Goode: Stone cold.

Dave Milton: He’s half paleo, half neanderthal and all wild man, but he’s something else. It was a tremendous show, wasn’t it?

Jonathan Goode: It was. It was good, and if you’ve missed any of the previous episodes, go to You can get all of our podcasts there. I think we’ve got 206 episodes in the bank already. If you’ve got questions that you want to hear, send those to Dave and me at, and we’d appreciate it if you would subscribe to our podcast. You can get that downloaded into your phone every week and then join us and hear the rest of this episode. Thanks for tuning in to The Land Show.

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