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The Land Show Episode 208

This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Erin Beasley, Executive Vice President of Alabama Cattlemen’s Association, comes in to talk about Beef Month in Alabama.
  • Chip Blalock, Executive Director of the Sunbelt Ag Expo, joins us to talk about the largest agricultural trade show in the world happening in Moultrie, Georgia later this month.
  • Tammy Morgan, owner of Jack-o-Lantern Lane in Lafayette, AL, talks about their family’s pumpkin patch and farm.
  • Randall Upchurch shares about how his neighbors came together to help save a flock of chickens in their family poultry house in our Farmland Report.
  • Tim Baker talks sandhill crane hunting and pre-season scouting for deer in our Wildlife Update.

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Dave – Well Jonathan we had a jam-packed show today, man.

Johnny – We did.

Dave – We had a great, and our first guest, Miss Erin Beasley, with the Cattleman’s Association here in Alabama, she was kind enough to bring us these great caps, she does a great job, great ambassador for one of our most important trade organizations.

Johnny – For sure, for sure. And then we went over to Moultrie, Georgia Mr. Chip Blaylock joined us, he’s the uh, executive director of the Sunbelt Ag Expo coming up later this month, and uh, the biggest Agricultural Trade Show in the world. And uh, some of the guys from Southeastern Land Group will be there, he was just kind of filling us in on all the happening in Moultrie.

Dave – That’s a biggin, that’s the grandaddy there. And you know, we kind of had a farm theme for the show, uh good friends of mine, there in Shambush County, close to where I live, uh, Glen and Tammy Morgan had Mrs. Tammy talking about Jack-O-Lantern Lane their 15 year establishment, pumpkin patch, and all sorts of things for the kids to do, just fall festivities, and it’s really one of the best I’ve, that I’ve ever seen.

Johnny – Yeah, sounds like they’ve got some good ice cream over there, too you gotta check out.

Dave – Oh, they do?

Johnny – And then uh, Randall Upchurch joined us, He was talking about uh, an event that happened on his family’s poultry farm this week, and how neighbors came to the rescue and helped him out. How the ward, uh provided what they needed to get their flock, uh, taken care of. Just neat to hear how farmers work together.

Dave – Yeah. Well, and then we wrapped it up with the wild man, we’d have to cancel the show if we didn’t have him on.

Johnny – That’s right.

Dave – You know, I feel sorry for the deer In Morgan County in the first couple weeks of bow season because Tim was so disappointed, that he didn’t get a Sandhill Crane Tag on this hunt, you know. That he’s probably gonna take it out on the deer in bow season, so.

Johnny – He’s probably single-handedly the reason why the deer and turkey populations are so low in Morgan County. Well y’all, thanks for tuning in to The Land Show, if you’ve missed any of the previous episodes go to you can check out everything in the podcast section there. This is our 208th episode, we’ve been doing it four years and we appreciate y’all tuning in. So get all those previous episodes, thanks to all of our sponsors that make The Land Show possible, and please join us next week for The Land Show with Dave and Jonny.

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