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The Land Show Episode 210

This week on The Land Show, Cooper Holmes sits in for Dave Milton with Jonathan Goode.

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  • Hunter McBrayer, Executive Director for the Alabama Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association, comes in studio to discuss some great things happening around the state with ALFA and the Sweet Grown Alabama initiative.
  • Kay Donaldson, with the Alabama Bass Trail, updates us on what is happening with the ABT and invites everyone to sign up for the upcoming ABT Open Tournament on Lay Lake.
  • Suzanne McKee, Vice President for Institutional Advancement for Marion Military Institute, shares about the upcoming 43rd JC Webb Memorial Dove Shoot happening soon in Safford.
  • Russ Walters gives us an update on row crop harvesting in our Farmland Report.
  • Tim Baker talks early season bow tips and primitive weapons in our Outdoor Update.

Johnathan – Hey I’m Johnathan Goode, thank y’all for tuning in to The Land Show this week. I got my good friend Cooper Holmes sitting in. Dave did not lose 200 pounds this is my friend Cooper. He’s filling in the spot today while Dave’s taking some well-deserved time to go fishing. But we had a great show today Cooper. We had your friend Hunter McBrayer on with Alfa Farmer’s Federation. He is talking to us about the Alabama Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association. Lot of good stuff that Alfa does around the state, and then we jumped down to Kate Donaldson, she’s the director of the Alabama Bass Trail. And talking about an upcoming open tournament that will be happening soon, lot of prize money on the line.

Cooper – Lot of prize money.

Johnathan – November 9th. And then we had our friend Suzanne McKee from Marion Military Institute.

Cooper – That’s right, and she was promoting the Marion Military Institute Dove Hunt… JC Webb Memorial Dove Hunt that’s been going on for 43 years and it’s just a great fundraiser for that great institution.

Johnathan – Yeah, it is, and then we went down to Andalusia, Alabama. Our good friend Russ Walters was talking to us about harvest and sales, like he only needs three or four more days to be able to finish up. And then we rounded out with Wild Man Tim Baker. Tim was talking to us about making some homemade bows and doing things the primitive way and he doesn’t like to hunt in a loincloth ’cause it’s a little chilly, so. Y’all, please do catch the rest of the podcast, if you’ve missed any of the previous episodes of The Land Show, go to, you can get all of that there. Send us your emails, info at David and I love to get those, so please check out the show and please make plans to join us next week for more of The Land Show.

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