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The Land Show Episode 212

This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

Matt Kelley, founder of Equip Ministries, joins us to talk about how their program promotes the outdoors to help prevent substance abuse.
William Lyon, broker for Southeastern Estates, shares a recent hunting success story and talks about some good things happening with Southeastern Estates.
Taylor Hart with First South Farm Credit comes in studio to talk about the great low-interest rates and programs they have that help make land buying easy.
Robert King talks poultry and cattle in our Farmland Report.
Tim Baker gives tips for scouting for ducks in our Outdoor Update.
  • Dave – Well, Jonathan, it another great Land Show, man. It was kind of a kind of an evangelical version, man. We had a great guy on with Equip Ministries, Matt Kelley. Who, wonderful ministry, using the outdoors to reach young people and folks that are having issues with addiction. And, you know, I’d encourage anybody that has a family member or struggling in any way during this holiday season coming up to listen to the segment that Matt did.
  • Johnny – Yeah, he did a fantastic job. And then we went over to Lowndes County. Talked to some Lowndes County royalty there, our good friend William Lyon. And talked about a fine deer that his son, Cale, just killed. And the great things happening with Southeastern Estates.
  • Dave – Yeah, and then we had our buddy over here. We couldn’t get him on camera, but we wanna thank First South Farm Credit, one of our great sponsors, Taylor Hart. We didn’t want him to show us up, man.
  • Johnny – That’s right.
  • Dave – He’s better looking than we are. But he did a great job talking about the low rates and the great programs and the great partnership that First South Farm Credit has with so many landowners around the south.
  • Johnny – For sure, and then we got our Farmland Report from Robert King talking about cattle and poultry and just spending some time with him and Randall Upchurch this week. Those guys are real pros. They know this business from top to bottom, for sure.
  • Dave – We had to close it out with The Wild Man. We couldn’t have a show without him coming on, bringing the heat. Talking about duck hunting, getting ready for the duck holds that are filling up Tennessee Valley. And really talking about how he can help set you up with a small duck hold that’s super productive that you own. As opposed to going out to Arkansas and paying that big lease. But, y’all listen to the show. We just give you a little recap here. But, listen to the rest of the show on the podcast. And we appreciate you listening to The Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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