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The Land Show Episode 214

This week on The Land Show, Brian Watts sits in as co-host with Jonathan Goode.

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  • Johnny – Hey, thank y’all for tuning into The Land Show this week. This is not Dave.
  • Brian – No. No red hair.
  • Johnny – This is our good friend, Brian Watts, who is the president of the Timber Sales Division with Southeastern Land Group. He sat in with me today, and Brian, I appreciate you being in. We had an action-packed show. We had Mr. Thomas Ellis as our first guest with Priester’s Pecans down in Fort Deposit. Everybody in Alabama knows Priester’s Pecans.
  • Brian – Oh, absolutely. I think we gained a couple of pounds just talking to him.
  • Johnny – Just listening to him talk.
  • Brian – And we had Dave, obviously, we did a switcheroo on you guys today, and it was great to have Dave call into his own show.
  • Johnny – That’s right, a guest on his own show. Just talking about a fishin’ trip that he took with his family this past weekend. And then we went down to Andalusia to the Wiregrass. Talked to Russ Walters about their family farm, their peanut harvest, and cotton harvest. And then Brian, we just talked about enjoying creation and the creator. And being in the woods.
  • Brian – Absolutely. Good Timber Talk summit today, and then finally, the Wild Man, himself, Tim Baker. It just fires you up every time you talk to him. About anything wildlife. No doubt about it.
  • Johnny – That cold weather’s got all the critters started up, and Tim gave us a little update. Y’all, thanks for tunin’ in. If you’ve missed any of the previous episodes of The Land Show, go to our,, check out the podcast section. You can get all of those. We hope that you will listen to the rest of this show. I think you’ll get a lot out of it. So thanks for tunin’ in to The Land Show.

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