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The Land Show Episode 217

This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

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Dave – Well, Jonathan it was another great Land Show. Started out in your neck of the woods there, not too far from you there, in Chilton county. Ginger Duncan with Neely Choose and Cut Christmas Trees in Thorsby. What a great family business and where you got your Christmas tree.

Johnny – Yeah. It’s a real pleasure to do business with them and our living room smells great, so it was good. Then we went to your neck of the woods and talked to Mr. Joey Bruce, the owner and founder of Sad Daddy Blinds over there and I’m looking forward to coming to hunt in one of yours.

Dave – Yeah. Well I’m gonna let you talk about William, cause I had to step out–

Johnny – Oh, yeah. And then William Wine, Lowndes County Royalty, joined us there from Lowndes County and talked about some of the great deer hunts he and his family have been on already this season. Man, their DCNR may have to shut the season down early if they keep shooting all those deer over there. The lions are killing ’em. And then he talked about Southeastern Estates, the great things that we’ve got going on with that part of Southeastern Land Group.

Dave – Yeah, he’s doing a great job. And, went back to ol’ Robert King, one of our tried and true, really one of the leaders in our group. He talked about a tremendous farm there in northern Clay County, not far off of I-20 with great views of Mount Cheaha, reasonably priced pastoral land. Sounds like a real jewel, just 66 acres at less than 3,000 dollars an acre. Sounds like a tremendous buy.

Johnny – It does sound like a pretty place. And then we wrapped it up with the Wild Man, Tim Baker talkin’ about sandhill crane hunting season, something nobody’s really talked about in a hundred years in Alabama. And so anyway, that’s exciting. He’s gonna give us an update on that again next week. But it’s just all in all a good show, man.

Dave – Yeah, great show and y’all please check out the rest of the show by podcast and join us every week for the Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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