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The Land Show Episode 218

This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Tim Goode, Jonathan’s brother, joins us to talk about tracking dogs and his involvement with the Georgia and Alabama Blood Trailing Networks.
  • Chris Wood, owner of Pond Pro and agent with SE Land Group, talks about stocking ponds and adding habitat this time of year.
  • Rick Bourne joins us to talk about a recent duck hunting trip to California. Hear about how we was able to take a “once in a lifetime” bird while he was hunting.
  • Randall Upchurch joins us for our Farmland Report to discuss lending options on poultry farms.
  • Brian Watts talks about the recent good news in Alabama’s timber industry in our Timber Talk segment.
  • Tim Baker shares some tips about knapping arrowheads from a rare obsidian found in Alabama.

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Dave: Well, Jonathan, it was a great show, we finally got a talented dude on the air

Johnny: It only took four years.

Dave: We had your brother, Tim on and he’s with the Alabama Georgia Blood Trailing Association. Well, not association-

Johnny: Network.

Dave: Network! Network. And they do a great job and, let’s see if that’s him right here. No that’s not him. But he did a great job talking about blood trailing and dogs and he’s just got those champion – What’s that German breed you’ve got?

Johnny: A Deutsche Drahthaar.

Dave: Yeah, it was tremendous.

Johnny: Yeah, he loves those dogs and then talked to our good friend and then co-worker, with Southeastern Land Group, and owner of Pond Pro, Mr. Chris Wood out of Chilton county. Just talked all about what you can do to increase the habitat in your pond and Chris is just, he’s good. I know he just did some-

Dave: He did! Yeah, the guy can do anything when it comes to ponds. The stocking that I had to – old Rick Bourne man, the big winged shooter and not only is he a dove daddy, but he’s a duck daddy too.

Johnny: That’s right.

Dave: And he’d been out to California and I didn’t know how many ducks they had in Northern California but he killed a real, interesting, rare duck, The Eurasian Wigeon and that was an interesting story and Rick’s just tremendous.

Johnny: He is. And then talked to our good friend Randall Upchurch about some programs that can help you with the purchase of a poultry farm through the farm service agency. Nobody knows poultry farms better than Randall Upchurch and Robert King and always good to get their information.

Dave: Yeah, and old Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox Babe, they were kinda under the weather. So, but Brian toughed it out and gave us a great report talking about all the new mills here in Alabama with our Timberland report.

Johnny: Yeah, Brian Watts does a good job and then we wrapped it up with the Wild Man, Tim Baker, talked about a piece of obsidian that you found on one of your properties and what he’s gonna do with it for you. Tim is, you know we’re blessed with a good group of well-rounded individuals on this show for sure.

Dave: Yeah. Hey, and y’all be sure to listen to the rest of the show here on the podcast. We appreciate you listening to The Land Show every week with Dave and Johnny.

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