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The Land Show Episode 219

Jeremy Meares, Manager with Westervelt Wildlife Services, joins us to discuss hunting land and hunting leases around the state. Captain Patrick Garmison of talks about a recent fishing trip with Dave Milton and his family. Russ Walters discusses fertilizer and cover crops in our Farmland Report. Tim Baker joins us from the Bankhead National Forest in our Outdoor Update.

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  • Johnny – Well Dave, we put together another good show today, right here at the end of the year. We wish everybody a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. And we kicked off with Jeremy Mears, who’s a manger of Westervelt Wildlife Services. A great company around the state, they manage a lot of land and their hunting clubs they’re having a lot of success right now. So it was a real pleasure to speak with Jeremy.
  • Dave – Yeah, it was when we went from West Alabama, Tuscaloosa there down to the southernmost part of the state there and Baldwin County, Captain Patrick Garmeson, my family went on a fishing trip with him this past weekend, they are Mobile Bay, a tremendous business,, and it ain’t ugly fishin’, it’s pretty fishin’. We caught some big pretty fish, it was a tremendous time.
  • Johnny – And you gave a great recommendation on where to get a good Po’ boy.
  • Dave – R&R, R&R boy, I couldn’t you know, I could barely eat it all, and that’s rare.
  • Johnny – That’s good, and then we went down to or went up, and east to our good friend Russ Walters there, in Covington County, and Andalusia, gave us our farm-ware report, talked to us about what they’re doing to fertilize, and that precision agriculture is amazing, isn’t it? So it was great to hear from Russ.
  • Dave – Yeah, it’s just neat to see that farm thrive, and just to see a family farm doin’ well, then we finished and went back up northwest, into the middle of Bankhead Forest, I couldn’t believe was like a Sasquatch roaming around there. Tim Baker, out underneath the giant hemlocks when we talked about the forest, and he’s got some tremendous properties at Bankhead National Forest but, we do hope you and your families have a blessed and safe Christmas time to celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ, and we appreciate you being with us this year 2019 with LAN show, and we look forward to you being with us in 2020, and we appreciate you listen to the rest of the show here on the podcast.

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