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The Land Show Episode 221

This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Daniel Davis, owner of Davis Fish Farm in Cherokee County, discusses stocking trout and their family farming operation.
  • William Crawford, Director of the President’s Outdoor Scholar Program at the University of Montevallo, talks about a recent deer hunt that he will remember forever.
  • Titus Weaver, with Weaver’s Meat Processing, gives advice to deer hunters about how to properly care for their game harvest.
  • Tim Baker is acting all wild in our Outdoor Update.

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  • Dave – Well, Jonathan, it was another great Land Show, I tell you, it was great to have Daniel Davis on, with Davis Fish Farm to start us off, and he brought some trout to us, to Little Pond Project, and, I mean, that’s just a neat family business up there in Northeast Alabama, up there in Cherokee County.
  • Johnny – Sounds like a great set-up, and I’m looking forward to you disclosing the location of that trout pond.
  • Dave – No trout for you.
  • Johnny– Then we had our good friend, William Crawford, on. He’s the director of the President’s Outdoor Scholar’s Program at the University of Montevallo. And he talked to us about the Outdoor Scholar’s Program, and then also a really cool buck hunt that he just went on. We’re gonna post the link to that Adventure Buck video there on the Land Show Facebook page.
  • Dave – Yeah, that’s a great program. Great scholarship money there for those of y’all that have, you know, kids or grandkids interested in the outdoors. Great program at Montevallo. Then we had Titus Weaver, a family you’re real familiar with there, your old stomping grounds there in Morgan County, which,
  • Johnny – That’s it, that’s it.
  • Dave – some of the finest, you know, meats anywhere. They process the deer in really clean and unique ways, unique products, and summer sausage, and then we had… And then you had the summer sausage thief that came on.
  • Johnny – That’s right, the summer sausage thief, Hamburglar, Tim Baker came on and talked to us about a great recipe that he’s had, black skillet duck, and man, that sounds good, I’m ready to get outta here and go eat.
  • Dave – Let’s go get some.
  • Johnny – And we do appreciate y’all tuning in to the show. And, hey, if you’ve missed any of the previous episodes, go to, check out the podcast section there, and Dave and I always love getting questions from ya. Info at Y’all, please tune in and join us next week for more of The Land Show.

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