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The Land Show Episode 222

This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny

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  • Dave – Well Johnathan, it was another great Land Show today. Had a tremendous first guest, Ms. Ellie Watson with Sweet Grown Alabama. It’s an initiative of our great state here at Mr. Rick Patton talking about it. It really is his brainchild and Elle’s doing a great job promoting the homegrown, anything homegrown in Alabama, and connecting farmers with consumers.
  • Johnny – Yeah, she’s doing a great job. Then we had your friend, Matt Kain on with Impact Weigh-in and Wildlife Management. He’s over around Wake County and talked to us about how you really have to pay attention in order to grow wildlife on your property. You gotta pay attention to the specific details about your site, soil, all those sorts of things. So, really interesting guests.
  • Dave – Yeah it was and then we had one of our long-time guests, Robert King to bring the Farmland Report. Robert was traveling from Randolph County up Sand Mountain, working on farms and would talk about the cattle market and farming and shared some great stories.
  • Johnny – Yeah, and then we wrapped it up with a listener question from Rebecca from Coleman. Thank you for sending that question in. She just asked when it’s the best time to sell a piece of property and we addressed that. There are a lot of different things to consider, so please check that out.
  • Dave – Yeah, and thank y’all for watching this preview of the show. Just be sure to listen to the entire podcast here. And thanks as always for listening to the Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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