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The Land Show Episode 223

This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

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  • Dave – I tell you what, it was another great Land Show today. Just really proud to have Big Ben Elliot, The big man here with Alabama Ag Credit and John Metulia his right-hand man there. Great sponsors of The Land Show along with our other sponsors, just appreciate you guys being on the show.
  • Ben – We can’t be more appreciative of being a part of this thing. You guys have done a great job and we keep our name out there and we get to do a lot of work together.
  • Dave – Yes sir, I’ll tell ya it wouldn’t happen without ya all and then we had Cooper Holmes was on the show talking about his Long Lake pine straw farm there in Perry County. Really a tremendous operation, a tremendous business that may be a lot of Alabamians aren’t familiar with, really interesting. Then we went to Captain David Hare the Alex City Guide Service. He does a tremendous job, he was getting set up at the Birmingham Boat Show Y’all be sure to visit him at booth number two there at the BJCC. Love for you to see him, he talked about I think 47 pounder, the biggest one he caught in 2019, great year. And then we had another big man, we were like the left side of an offensive line here today. We had Big Brian Watts was in there. He came in and was talking about the young leaders program with Alabama Forestry Association that he’s involved with. We re-capped the great regional meeting at farm at Crooked Oaks, a great time. And then our friend Russ Walters, Farmland Report. Guy doesn’t talk about deer hunting, chasing big bucks and how they’re ruttin down there and he lost one to a neighbor, told a funny story. And guys again I wanna thank y’all again, thank Alabama Ag Credit for being sponsors of the show. Y’all be sure to listen to the rest of the show on the podcast. And I think Jonathon went to eat a donut or something, but he’ll be back on next weeks podcast. Thanks for listening to The Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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