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The Land Show Episode 226

This week on The Land Show with Dave Milton and Jonathan Goode:

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  • Dave – Well Jonathon, it was another great Land Show, we had a, had a big ol’ fella wonder in here Rick Bourne, Rick did a great job with us today giving us enough data on what’s going on with duck season. Rick, just tell us kind of give us a little recap there.
  • Rick – Well, we’re talking about, you know duck season I’ve got the blues like Tim Baker I had a great season, hunted with a lot of great friends, and that’s what it’s all about just getting to share a camp and bond with some great people this year.
  • Dave – Oh yeah.
  • Johnny – Awesome, and then our first guest this morning was Director of Wildlife and Fresh Water Fisheries Chuck Sykes was in talking about the deer season and a lot of positive news about things that happened in the deer season in the state this year.
  • Dave – Yeah more people are using game check and I think it was a good season. A lot of big deer killed and we stayed on that theme you know we went from the state to really one of the finest hunting lodges in the south there Mr. Ricks preaching with Great Southern Outdoors close to where I grew up hunting around Union Springs. They had a great season and I can’t wait to go eat some fried Quail.
  • Johnny – Sou-Sounds like a good place. Then we talked to our good friend Randall Upchurch. He was talking to us about some of his favorite and fondest memories there growing up on a farm around Qua County and you know, it is- it’s a special childhood to grow up on a farm.
  • Dave – Yeah, that was a neat segment and then we finished that with The Wild Man he kind of prepped us up a little turkey call with no call that man’s just a natural. He was calling up turkeys and talking about sort of the post-deer season preparation for hunting and feeding your you know taking care of your wildlife year-round. We appreciate y’all watching this you know kind of recap of The Land Show, want you to listen to the rest of it on our podcast, and as always we appreciate you listening to The Land Show with Dave and Johnny and Rick this week.

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