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The Land Show Episode 228

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Kay Donaldson, Director of the Alabama Bass Trail, joins us to discuss the Trail and the great fishing opportunities around the state of Alabama.
  • Ben Burleson and Jason Spiller come into the studio to discuss Maize Kraze, and their corn and feed dispensing systems.
  • Randall Upchurch talks about solar power on poultry farms in our Farmland Report.
  • Tim Baker shares the Outdoor Update.

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  • Johnny – Hey, thank y’all for tuning in to the preview for “The Land Show” podcast this week. I’ve got my good friend Scott Mills. This is not Dave Milton if you’re familiar with the show, Scott’s filling in for Dave, so thanks for being in today.
  • Scott – Thank you, Johnny.
  • Johnny – Yeah, man. And so we have Mrs. Kay Donaldson on with the Alabama Bass Trail talking to us about the great things that are happening around the state. Doing a phenomenal job bringing awareness to all the fishing resources around the state and a big economic driver. Then we had Jason Spiller and Ben Burleson on. They are the founders, the owners, of Maze Craze. What a cool setup–
  • Scott – That was really, really neat. Just a small bit of money to invest to start making money quickly.
  • Johnny – Yeah, it was a–
  • Scott – Quick retirement.
  • Johnny – It’s a corn dispensing setup that they’ve got for farmers and people that have good locations, so really interesting. We’ll post the contact info for them in the podcast section. Then we had our friend Randall Upchurch on. He gave us a good farmland report.
  • Scott – Yeah, Randall, that was a good. I think that’s a neat… the solar panels is a neat idea.
  • Johnny – Yeah, solar panels on poultry farms. Good stuff. And then we wrapped it up, like we always do, with the closer, the wild man, Tim Baker, and he’s somebody to talk to.
  • Scott – He’s definitely an interesting character.
  • Johnny – Always, we asked him what Tim does on a rainy day and we get all kinds of answers, but, you know, thanks for tuning in to “The Land Show”. We hope–

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