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The Land Show Episode 248

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • William Crawford, with the University of Montevallo President’s Outdoor Scholars Program, joins us to talk about the great things happening in their program, shares about a good antelope hunt, and about Outdoor Scholars TV on Youtube.
  • Ben Elliott, with Alabama Ag Credit, discusses low-interest rates for land loans and what his team is seeing inland markets around the state.
  • Don Ellers and Mr. Bobby Ray Holmes come on to talk about Holmestead Farm and the great opportunity for someone to own a thriving produce business in Alabama.
  • Russ Walters delivers our Farmland Report. He brings us up to speed on what is happening in the peanut and cotton fields of lower Alabama.

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  • Dave – Well, I tell you what it was another great Land Show. And, and if you’re wondering where Jonathan is, he’s holding the camera. So Jonathan, thanks for filming this. We had two great guests. We had Mr. Big Ben Elliot here, the right side of the offensive line at Auburn University. And Mr. William Crawford, who’s the director of outdoor scholars program at Montevallo, my alma mater. You guys did a great job today. William, I’ll start off with you. You just gave us a great overview of the program and all the good things that you’re doin’ there with the kids at Montevallo, and it really is a tremendous program, isn’t it?
  • William – It really is. And again, we’ve got great students, great people that are involved with the program. One of the biggest things that I commend of them all the time is with all these different trips and activities that we go on with them, I have zero problems out of them.
  • Dave – Oh yeah.
  • William – I tell them from the get-go, I don’t have time to deal with headaches. So they take it from the get-go.
  • Dave – Well, it’s a great program that the kids are getting so much and enjoying an outdoor experience. Also having a degree emphasis. And Big Ben, we talked about, the rates with Alabama AG Credit, one of our key sponsors here, are just historically low aren’t they right now?
  • Ben – It’s, it’s remarkable. we’re doing a lot of, people are doing a lot of refinancing, a lot of new loans and people that are trying to put money into something that they always thought they wanted, but didn’t think they could afford maybe. So it’s a great time.
  • Dave – It is, and y’all do business in a cooperative way and just really enjoy doing business with Alabama AG credit. Then we also had Mr. Bobby Ray Holmes on. Such a character there, in Talladega County, got one of the prettiest, prettiest farms you’ll ever see. You got a produce farm and all kinds of, everything you could imagine. He grows peaches, and apples, and pears, and blackberries, and blueberries and… Beautiful views of the mountains there. The Talladega chain of mountains, close to Mt. Cheaha, close to Sylacauga. Nice homes. We’ve got that on the market, such a unique property. Mr. Don Ellers is offering that through Southeastern Land Group. And we wrapped up the show with Russ Walters. He came on with a farmland report, he’s farming down there in Covington County. Having a good year for peanuts and cotton. Cotton prices are a little flat, peanuts are doing okay. And just another great show. We appreciate y’all watching this recap. And, as always, listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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