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The Land Show Episode 253

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

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  • Dave – Well Johnathan it was another great Land Show here in our new studio in Prattville, Alabama here and Skipper’s doing a great job producing it here in Prattville. Miss Bethany over here was our first guest there with the extension department here in Alabama. She’s the regional extension agent with the Grow More Give More Program. Well that’s a tremendous program isn’t it?
  • Johnny – It is and they’re doing a lot of good work. For a lot of folks that are growing gardens more successful than mine that have something to share, it’s a neat program. And then we went and talked to my long time friend Emily Fagerman up in Hartsfield Alabama and she and her family have started a really cool outdoor adventure park called Go- GoFar USA Park and just a neat place up there if you want to take your children, all that information’s available on Facebook. But GoFar USA Park, just a neat, neat place.
  • Dave – Yeah it is, it looked like I’d have a heart attack trying to…
  • Johnny – The obstacle course would be challenging for us for sure.
  • Dave – It would, It would. Yeah, then we moved on, found the big man out roaming around, I think it was the Roanoke Stockyards getting ready to sell some cattle. Randall Upchurch gave us a great cattle update on prices and markets and kind of how the whole sales process works. And then he’s just selling poultry farms at an unbelievable clip.
  • Johnny – Yeah, they are. And then wrapped it up with Brian Watts, who’s the president of our timber sales division. Just talking about how the timber sales process works, what a consulting forcer can do for you, Brian is, I mean honestly, he’s probably one of the most sincere, genuine, and honest people that I know. I- I have hardened him up a little bit through the years with my sarcasm but he’s, he’s a fine man and does a good job. We’re blessed with a lot of good teammates.
  • Dave – Really are with Southeastern Land Group and you know y’all be sure to tune in where you can radio stations at 9AM on Saturday mornings throughout most of Alabama. You can listen on Spotify and we appreciate you watching this preview of the program and encourage you to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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