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The Land Show Episode 254

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Captain Hare with Alex City Guide Service gives us an update on the stripe bass fishing on Lake Martin.
  • Balsie Butler with the Alabama Forestry Commission joins us to discuss wildfire prevention and services that the Commission offers landowners around the state.
  • Rick Bourne, AKA “The Dove Daddy”, gives us tips one week before the Alabama dove season opens.
  • Russ Walters discusses a great property for sale in Covington County and brings us up to speed on preparations for harvesting on his family peanut and cotton farm.

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  • Dave – Well Jonathan, it’s another great Land Show, man. We started off, got my, got my, my, my blood really racing. They’re talking about catching those big stripe on Lake Martin.
  • Johnny – That’s right.
  • Dave – That’s like goldfish. And, right here in central Alabama, uh, Captain David Hare, Alex City Guide Service, he’s always entertaining. Told a great husband and wife story. Y’all have to listen to in the entire show.
  • Johnny – He did. And then we, uh, went to Montgomery and talked to Mr. Balsie Butler, with the Alabama Forestry Commission. Balsie and the, they offer so many services to landowners around the state. It’s a great set up, uh, give your local county Alabama Forestry Commission Office a call, and they’ll be happy to help you.
  • Dave – Yeah, do a great job with the controlled burns and bows. They seem to have a passion for that. And, we had the big dub daddy on, Rick Bourne, opening weekend. Next weekend, boy, he was, he was like a kid in a candy store right before Christmas day, man, he was, he was ready to go and excited about this dub season and hope these weather patterns don’t mess things up.
  • Johnny – That’s right. And then, we wrapped it up with Russ Walters. He gave us our farmland report. They’re getting ready to start harvesting, uh, peanuts here in the next couple of weeks. And, they had an awesome property for sale. 80 acres there in Covington County. Somebody’s gonna snap that thing up. It’s going to make a good hump track.
  • Dave – Beautifully over there in the national forest there. So, we appreciate y’all, uh, watching this review of the show and be sure to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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