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The Land Show Episode 259

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

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  • Dave – Well, Jonathan, it was another great show, man. The show started off with a bang. We had Miss Tammy Morgan had her on for several years. Jack-o-Lantern Lane there in Chambers County outside of LaFayette. And they’re doing great things, getting bigger and better, one of the finest pumpkin patch agribusiness, kind of farm settings for kids and families that I know of in the whole country.
  • Johnny – Yeah. So, nice place. And then we followed that up with Miss Erin Beasley, she’s the Executive Vice President of the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association. And man, they do a lot of good for the farmers around the state of Alabama. And that benefits all the rest of us. This is the beef month in the state of Alabama. I think we need to eat some beef for lunch today to celebrate that.
  • Dave – Things are going better. The farmers are getting higher prices and steak prices are coming down.
  • Johnny – That’s right.
  • Dave – That’s good on…
  • Johnny – Oh win-win. Right as football season kicks off, that’s good.
  • Dave – That’s good. We caught Russ on the tractors out plowing peanuts, you know, kind of coming back after Sally hit and having some success, trying to weather the storm. And it sounds like they’re gonna pull through.
  • Johnny – Yeah. And then we wrapped it up with Brian Watts. He gave our Timber Talk segment there and Brian has been working timber and land from one side of the state to the other in the past few weeks and has a unique perspective on what’s happening because he sees what takes place at all these different mills. So it was another good show, man.
  • Dave – It was, and if you don’t like this review that we’ve done, the show is much better.
  • Johnny – Oh, for sure.
  • Dave – I promise you so.
  • Johnny – You don’t have to look at us though.
  • Dave – That’s right. We’re kinda made for radio.
  • Johnny – That’s right.
  • Dave – But we just appreciate you watching this review and encourage you to listen to the entire show, The Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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