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The Land Show Episode 264

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

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  • Dave – Well Jonathan, it was another great show, man. I tell you the best thing about the show we welcomed Calvin Perryman to our Southeastern Land Group team. Calvin, glad to have you on the team.
  • Calvin– Yeah, I sure appreciate it.
  • Dave – Yeah you did a great job telling us all about your experience and background, and Calvin is a land broker and also an appraiser. You got us a great first guest with ALFA.
  • Johnny – Yeah, Mr. William Green. He is the head of the Forestry and Wildlife Division there for ALFA, and gave us some great information about the timberland owners and things that have been done to help them through this, COVID-19, money that was provided for relief through the CARES Act. He’s got a lot of great information. The forestry industry in Alabama is just so important to our economy overall.
  • Dave – It is. William’s doing a great job. And then speaking of ALFA, the Farmers Federation, we went down to Andalusia Way and talked to Russ Walters, one of our best guys of Southeastern Land Group to give our Farmland Report. Had an interesting segment about cover crops and how important it is to rebuild organic materials in soil.
  • Johnny – Yeah, they do a lot down there at 3W Farms to improve it. And then we went to talk to our good buddy, Brian Watts. He’s the head of our Timber Sales Division with Southeastern Land Group, and got some great information from him about people that are looking to do clear cuts now and giving us some good advice about different market segments around the state.
  • Dave – Yeah, then we finished up with Calvin. Calvin, you told us about your upbringing and hunting and fishing and farming with the family. And in your business, you’re working out at Troy, aren’t you?
  • Calvin – That’s right, yeah, working out at Troy now covering kind of the South half of the state, appraising as well as selling farms and timberland. So, I’m just happy to be with y’all.
  • Dave – Calvin was also the 2020 Land Broker of the Year. We’re proud to have him on the team. And we’d love to get your questions at And we encourage you to watch or listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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