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The Land Show Episode 275

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Mike Bolton, editor for the Alabama Outdoor News, joins us to discuss some of his favorite stories from recent years and he recounts memories from Alabama’s great outdoors.
  • Kay Donaldson, Executive Director of the Alabama Bass Trail, is on to talk about the upcoming schedule of events around the state and success of anglers across different circuits.
  • Randall Upchurch is on to give us our Farmland Report.
  • Dave and Jonathan answer a listener question about what to look for when considering moving to a rural homestead.

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  • Dave – Well Jonathan, it was another great Land Show man. Started off strong. We had Mr. Mike Bolton with Alabama Outdoor News Magazine. And that name’s probably familiar to many of our listeners my age or older. Because Mike was the outdoor writer for the Birmingham news. And just really great childhood memories and what a great magazine.
  • Johnny – Yeah. They produce a great product. And then we have Ms.Kay Donaldson, the executive director of the Alabama Bass Trail on. What a great program they’ve got going around the state. And fishing all these tournaments for $100,000 on Saturdays. That’s pretty amazing. But they do a good thing for the state as far as tourism and bringing people to some of these lakes around the state.
  • Dave – Yeah. She talked about Pickwick Lake and she seemed really excited. Kick it off right. And, and then we had Randall Upchurch on bringing our farmland report. Randall talked about haylage and the difference and why you see the hay wrapped up on the side of the road. And some tremendous farms that he has in North Alabama. Randall’s always a pleasure to talk to.
  • Johnny – And then we wrapped it up with a listener question. Someone from Atlanta thinking about moving to central Alabama. What considerations do you need if you’re moving to a more rural lifestyle. And kind of talk through that a little bit.
  • Dave – Yeah, that’s a big trend isn’t it?
  • Johnny – Yeah, it really is.
  • Dave – Well folks, we appreciate y’all watching this video review and encourage you to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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