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The Land Show Episode 276

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

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  • Dave – Well Jonathan it was another great Land Show, man. I tell you, we started off with Patrick Garmeson with Ugly Fishing. You know, that’s what they-
  • Johnny – Appropriate for us.
  • Dave – Pretty nice-looking young guy. That’d be the, that’d be more appropriate if we were guides.
  • Johnny – That’s right.
  • Dave – But uh, had a great trip with him and talked about, you know, all the good things in Mobile Bay. And it was interesting talking about the brute stock you know-
  • Johnny – Yeah.
  • Dave – For the fishing tournaments-
  • Johnny – I had not heard that.
  • Dave – That was fun.
  • Johnny – Yeah, it was. And then we went to our buddy William Crawford, who is longtime friend of the show, has a kennel named Silver Banded Retrievers. And talk to us about how he’s doing, been doing some blood trailing and training, blood trailing dogs and just fascinating, man. That’s really cool. Watching a good dog work.
  • Dave – Yeah you should have- You should’ve called him.
  • Johnny – I should have. Lost a good deer.
  • Dave – Robert King came on next and we talked about PoultrySouth and just the tremendous year that PoultrySouth had 2020. 34 poultry farms sold. Spotlighted a lot of the expanding team and new team members within Southeastern Land Group, a division there, and helping, you know, buyers and sellers of poultry farms.
  • Johnny – Yeah. And then we talked to John Morris, who was recently recognized as, with our client service award for our company this year, the Miaoulis Dollar Client Service award. And he does a good job. And then talked to us about that real estate market in Shelby and Blount and St. Clair, everything around Birmingham. There’s a strong demand for people wanting to get out of the city right now.
  • Dave – Yeah, absolutely. And then we closed it out with the big man, the dub daddy. He, he flew on in-
  • Johnny – Yeah, dub daddy.
  • Dave – He flew on in and he talked to us about his trip back in Kansas where he killed all kinds of birds. And I tell you, I don’t know of a finer wing shooter and really a finer land broker than Rick Bourne.
  • Johnny – Yeah, he’s a good job. He does a good job. Well, thank you all for tuning in to the show today. We appreciate that. If you have questions send those to Dave and me at We always love getting those. And we just thank everybody. Thank you all for tuning in and watching this preview. We hope you’ll listen to the Land Show podcast.

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