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The Land Show Episode 277

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

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  • Dave – Well Jonathan, it was another great Land Show. We went all around the world and we got started. We got started in the air with the migratory game bird coordinator for the state of Alabama, with Wildlife Freshwater Fishery, Seth Maddox. Man, he just gave us a tremendous report.
  • Johnny – He did.
  • Dave – You know, with ducks and dove and of course our favorite, Sandhill crane.
  • Johnny – That’s right. He did a great job. And then, we had Mr. Lonnie Miller on, he’s the president of the Alabama Dog Hunters Association. And he talked about dog hunting all over the state and kind of the history of that and I know you grew up doing that.
  • Dave – Yeah.
  • Johnny – I don’t have any experience with it but–
  • Dave – Well you need to go down and do it.
  • Johnny– Yeah I do, I think it was really fascinating to hear about dog deer hunting around the state.
  • Dave – They’ve gotten a lot better with keeping up with the dog.
  • Johnny – Yeah, for sure.
  • Dave – Tremendous, and then we found the big man, he’s normally roaming around the tall timbers of Alabama, Brian Watts, but he had so many timber sales going. We called him in the office
  • Johnny – That’s right.
  • Dave – and he’s doing it all kind of and talk about some of the elevated prices of pine timber, timing is really good right now, need to reach out to Brian Watts, with the Southeastern Land Group Timber Sales Division.
  • Johnny – That’s right. And then we wrapped up with Mr. Fred Hanners. He was down in the panhandle, working with Daniel Hodimaki today. And man, that guy he’s down in the Wiregrass of Alabama, but covering in Southwest Georgia and the Florida panhandle, and those markets are booming.
  • Dave – Yeah, I tell you what, it’s tremendous. Hey, listen. It was a great show, we appreciate everybody watching this video review and encourage you to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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