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The Land Show Episode 279

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Chuck Sykes, Alabama’s Director of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries, joins us to give a recap of Alabama’s deer hunting season and to report on harvest records with Game Check.
  • Steve Talley, with Talley’s Fruit Farm, updates us on how the cold weather is affecting the fruit and produce in the north part of the state.
  • Brian Watts shares about what is happening in timber markets across the state in our Timber Talk segment.
  • Russ Walters talks about soil sampling and fertilizing on his family farm in Covington County in our Farmland Report.
  • Tyler Briggs, a new agent with Southeastern Land Group, talks about what is happening with National Wild Turkey Federation Banquets around Alabama.

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  • Dave – Well Johnathan, we went around the world with this Land Show. We went all over the state of Alabama from north to south and in between. Started off with Chuck Sykes who’s helping hunters and fisherman all over Alabama. He’s our game and fish chief and we were over in west Alabama in a special opportunity area, we talked about that and really the great deer season we had this year.
  • Johnny – Yeah, recap, huge numbers of deer reported this year. Then we went up to north Alabama and talked to my good friend, Steve Talley with Talley’s Fruit Farms. He talked to us about how this cold weather potentially affected the fruit trees and the produce up there. So far, he said they probably won’t know for another week but so far, not too bad. So we hope that our farmers have a good crop this year.
  • Dave – All’s we have that tomatoes- Then we found ol’ big Brian Watts roaming the woods, I think it was in Coosa county, he’s had some great timber sales. Timber prices are up, we’re having tremendous timber sales you know, if you’ve got timber to cut, Brian Watts and his team with Southeastern Land Group, timber sales division can help.
  • Johnny – Yeah, they had a tremendous year already starting out. Then we went down to Andalusia, Covington county, talked to Russ Walters with 3 W Farms, and talked about the preparations they’re making for their soil, getting ready to plant, and just always something going on down there for sure.
  • Dave – Yeah, Russ is doing a great job. And we finished the show with one of our newest agents, Tyler Briggs is with the Wild Turkey Federation. Many of our listeners know Tyler and puts all these banquets all over and raises money, does a great job. He’s selling lots of land over on the Georgia-Alabama line and doing a great job and folks, we appreciate you watching this video review and encourage you to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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