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The Land Show Episode 280

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Blake Hargroder, owner of Blake’s Crawfish, joins us to talk about his crawfish growing operation over in Uniontown, Alabama.
  • Bethany O’Rear with Alabama Cooperative Extension System talks about the Grow More Give More campaign.
  • Randall Upchurch gave the Farmland Report.
  • Dave and Jonathan answer a listener question about mineral rights and property ownership rights.

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  • Dave: Well Jonathan, it was a tasty “Land Show” today, man.
  • Johnny: That’s right.
  • Dave: I’m still hungry, man. We talked to Blake Hargroder, a great friend of the show. Blake’s Crawfish. Oh, by the way he said they … Blake’s Crawfish, you know?
  • Johnny: That’s right.
  • Dave: I love that Cajun accent. Over in west Alabama, your part of the world there, Uniontown area, and man, he’s got a great business, crawfish and cattle. He’s going to come do a boil for us and his special seasoning. It’s exciting, man.
  • Johnny: It is, man. It’s good. That gets me fired up, and then we had Miss Bethany O-Rear on. She is a regional agent there with the extension, and talked to us about the Grow More, Give More campaign. It’s a great way if you are a local gardener to share some of your abundance with local food banks and those sorts of things. And it’s just a great program with Grow More, Give More.
  • Dave: It is, and she lives in a beautiful area, Blount County, and works in that great county. And they’re just beautiful farms up there. And then we brought in the big man there, Randall Upchurch, to do our farmland report. He always does a great job in another beautiful place, Clay County. He was working the cows and talking about some new small business administration changes that are going to be beneficial for people wanting to borrow money on farms, great for both farm owners and farm buyers.
  • Johnny: Yeah, for sure. And then we wrapped it up with a listener question. Jesse out of Clanton asked us about … He’s purchasing 80 acres, and someone told him to inquire about the mineral rights, and we just discussed how you do that and kind of what that looks like, and there are a lot of rights associated with a piece of property.
  • Dave: Yeah, you did a good job Professor Goo, explaining the bundle of rights there.
  • Johnny:I don’t know. We don’t give legal or accounting advice on “The Land Show,” but just things that we run into a lot. There are a lot of different interests and rights in a property. So, you want to be aware of what you’re getting when you buy a piece of land.
  • Dave: Yeah, that was a great segment. You did a great job answering the questions, and we talk about a lot of other things. We want to encourage you to listen to the entire “Land Show” after this. We want to thank you for watching the video review, and be sure to get us your questions at You can follow us on Spotify and the Apple Store. Where else, Jonathan
  • Johnny: The Google Play store and everywhere you get your fine podcasts.
  • Dave: Yes. Thanks as always for listening to “The Land Show” with Dave and Johnny.

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