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The Land Show Episode 282

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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Ellie Watson, Director for Sweet Grown Alabama, is on to discuss the great progress farmers and producers are making in serving clients during COVID.
  • Daniel Davis joins us to discuss stocking fish ponds and fertilization and pond management.
  • Josh Milton gives an update on the land market in northwest Alabama and discusses the Oakstone Woods island in the Tombigbee River.
  • Taylor Hart with First South Farm Credit is in studio to give an update on current land lending trends.
  • Brian Watts talks timber markets and current timberland practices around the state in our Timber Talk segment.


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  • Dave: Well, Jonathan, it was another great Land Show. We got the big man in the road in Brian Watts .
  • Brian: Yeah. Yeah. Glad to be here. Seeing how the sausage is made today.
  • Dave: That’s right, man. Don’t tell anybody. Brian’s the president of our Timber Sales Division. Doing a great job for us. We started the show off with Miss Ellie Watson, a fantastic young lady who’s an ambassador for the Sweet Grown Alabama program at the Department of Agriculture and Industries with our state. And it’s just been a tremendous program. Ellie’s doing a great job promoting it. Promoting all the homegrown produce and beef and everything throughout the state connecting consumers with farmers. And speaking of farming, we had another unique farmer.
  • Johnny: Yeah, we did. We had your buddy Daniel Davis on. I feel like I need a booster compared to you guys. But Daniel Davis was on. Gave us some great information about stocking ponds and how to think about that, what you need to do to improve the water quality and fertilization. And he’s your guy, isn’t he?
  • Dave: Oh yeah, man. He does a great job and done some real out of the box things with fish farming. Then we had my son, Josh, you know? I think he wanted to go out to eat or go turkey hunting. So, he made his way down to Montgomery and talked about all the great things going on in those Florence Muscle Shoals area and selling all kind of different farms. Working with poultry sales. Selling poultry farms and different things. And then y’all got a unique project.
  • Johnny: Yeah, we do. The Oak Stone Woods Island there in the middle of the Tombigbee River, 325 acres. And then there’s a cabin that’s actually just about a half a mile away in Sumpter County, but it’s a really unique property that Josh and I have together.
  • Dave: Yeah, and then, you know, I guess a truck full of cash pulled up.
  • Johnny: That’s right. Your buddy Taylor Hart with First South Farm Credit, fantastic guy, came in and talked about the good things that are going on. The competitive rates that they’ve got. Lot of demand. So, a lot of good stuff happening with our friends over at First South Farm Credit.
  • Dave: Yeah, wanna thank First South and all our sponsors of the Land Show that make it happening.
  • Johnny: Yeah.
  • Dave: And then we finished the show. Brian, I had to bring in the closer this week with a fast ball there, Brian Watts.
  • Brian: Yeah.
  • Dave: Did a great job talking about all the great things with timber thinnings and harvestings and helping landowners all over Alabama and Georgia. Folks, thank you all for watching this video review of the Land Show. Be sure to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.