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The Land Show Episode 283

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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Andy Guy, Southeast Regional Forester with the Alabama Forestry Commission, is on to talk about how landowners can address storm damage to your timber and resources available from the Alabama Forestry Commission.
  • Preston Roberts, with the Alabama Farmers Federation, is in studio to discuss how the Federation is working to help protect private property rights and serve people across Alabama.
  • Russ Walters updates us on what work they’re doing at 3W Farms in Covington County.
  • William Lyon shares about several recent turkey hunts, and one special hunt where he took a turkey with his recurve bow. He also talks about recent success with Southeastern Estates.

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  • Dave: Well Jonathan, it was another great Land Show, man. I tell you, we had a tremendous first guest on, Andy Guy, who’s the Southeast Regional Forester with Alabama Forestry Commission and he does a tremendous job helping landowners throughout the state of Alabama with their forestry needs and consultation. We talked specifically about how to handle storm damaged wood with all the storms that have happened.
  • Johnny: Right. Yeah, that’s a big concern around the state. And then we had Mr. Preston Roberts with ALFA on. He’s the Public Affairs Director there at ALFA and we appreciate them becoming a new sponsor of the show.
  • Dave: Yeah, we’ll have this changed next time. We’ll have ALFA up here and Treasure Forest, that in combination. That’s underneath their purview. They’re doing a great job.
  • Johnny: Yeah, they are. Then we went down to Covington County, Alabama and talked to our friend, Russ Walters, there at WWW Farms and talked to us about getting things ready to plant, the cover crops and all that good stuff.
  • Dave: Yeah, Russ is just, he’s selling so much property in south Alabama, so many Floridians are coming up, folks from New York and Texas are moving in. The Floridians are coming to south Alabama. And we closed out the show with Mr. William Line. We tried to get some turkey tips out of him, but. You know, he’s making us feel bad killing turkey with recurves and then not even want to go. And he’s doing a great job with the Southeastern states and their team selling, you know rural homes and the states out in the country. It was a great show everybody. We appreciate as always, you listen to the Land Show with Dave and Johnny. Appreciate you listening to this review that we’re doing here and encourage you to listen to the entire land show with Dave and Johnny.