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The Land Show Episode 285

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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Donnie Wedgeworth with Catfish Navy was on to talk about their recent disaster relief efforts after tornadoes in west Alabama.
  • Brandon Jackson, owner of Riverside Fly Shop, joins us to talk about the recent flooding on Smith Lake, and the fun trout fishing in the tail race below Smith Lake Dam.
  • Ben Elliott with Alabama Ag Credit was in studio to celebrate his 10 year work anniversary.
  • Brian Watts gave us an update on recent timber sales and trends in our Timber Talk Segment.
  • Scott Mills, agent with Southeastern Land Group, is in studio to give a market update on Montgomery County and surrounding areas.

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  • Dave: Well, Johnny it was another great Land Show, man. We started off with old catfish Davy, man. That was just, that was an interesting subject. You’re part of the world over in Greensboro.
  • Johnny: That’s right.
  • Dave: A great relief group ministry, Mr.Wedgworth, Donnie Wedgworth and his friends Christian ministry reaching out, helping, you know, folks in need with tornadoes and hurricanes and feeding folks. And everybody loves that fried catfish.
  • Johnny: Nobody turns down our fried catfish plate. And then we, we stayed with the fishing theme and went up to North Alabama to Smith Lake. Brandon Jackson of Riverside Fly Shop, a friend of ours, and gave us a report on the, the near historic levels of flooding on Smith Lake.
  • Dave: Yeah.
  • Johnny: And, and then also talked to us about the unique fishery we’ve got right there in the tail race of Smith Lake Dam and the rainbow trout that we’ve gotten. So y’all want to check out river Riverside Fly Shop.
  • Dave: It’s a beautiful area.
  • Johnny: It is, I like it.
  • Dave: It really is. And then want to congratulate Ben Elliot, had him on the show. Alabama AG Credit, one of our fine sponsors, platinum level sponsor of the Land Show. Big Ben’s been with been with Alabama AG Credit for 10 years doing a great job and they’re, they’re financing anything and everything out in the countryside. Having, having stellar years, banner years, probably the best years they’ve ever had. So much of our business was Southeastern Land Group. So always appreciate big Ben and his team.
  • Johnny: Yeah. And then we talked to Brian Watts, who’s the president of our timber sales division, gave us kind of a report. And he answered a question. I wonder, does he ever advise land owners not to cut timber? And he kind of talked to us about the scenarios, a recent experience that he had with that. So Brian is always going to give you trustworthy advice. He’s going to do a good job for you.
  • Dave: Oh, speaking of advice, we had to get you some advice today. We had to get Scott Mills in to try to help you on your Turkey call
  • Johnny: That’s it.
  • Dave: I’m kind of beyond hope. So we have Scott Mills, who does a tremendous job at Southeastern Land Group in Montgomery County and surrounding counties. Selling small farms, big farms and, guys such a great outdoorsman, you know kills Turkey every year. And we’ll have to have them up to.
  • Johnny: We need somebody who can close the deal.
  • Dave: Either smart turkeys or bad hunters. I’m not sure which one it is. Hey folks, we appreciate you watching this video review and encourage you to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.