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The Land Show Episode 286

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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Eddie Lee Rider and Eric O’Keefe with The Land Report Magazine are on to share their recent findings about Bill Gates being America’s largest owner of privately held farmland.
  • Erin Beasley, Executive Vice President with the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association, updated us on some important topics affecting landowners and producers around the state.
  • Randall Upchurch gives our Farmland Report.
  • Rick Bourne shares what he is doing currently in his dove field, and some tips for your fields.

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  • Dave: Well Jonathan, it was another great land show in spite of us.
  • Johnathan: Always.
  • Dave: All because of our great guests. We want to thank Eddy Lee Ryder and Eric O’Keeffe from the land report, one of our great sponsors in the land show for coming on. And man that was a really interesting story about Bill Gates being the largest foreign land owner in the United States. Y’all got to check that out.
  • Johnathan: Yeah, that was on 242,000 acres, I think is what they said. It was a lot of land. And then we had Miss Erin Baisley on, she’s the director there at the Alabama Cattleman’s association. Talked to us about some of the things going on with their legislative lobbying and and trying to protect the interests of landowners around the state. And then Miss Kayla Greer came on and gave us a little bit of an update about the ways to use some of this beef.
  • Dave: Yeah, and speaking of beef, we had Randall Upchurch, congratulations again to Randall for being the top APEX award winner for agribusiness. He did a great job and he was telling us about a tremendous cattle sale opportunity. Some of the finest Angus beef in probably the nation, south of Apelike and the Beauregard area there.
  • Johnathan: Beauregard
  • Dave: Beauregard, Mr. Tillman Dudley, I’m feeling old. I knew Tillman when he was a little kid and they own the Lawler farm, beautiful farm, great sale, really interesting.
  • Johnathan: Yeah, and then we wrapped it up with Rick Born, AKA the dove daddy, gave us some tips. We caught him coming right out of the farmer’s co-op there in Greenville getting ready to plant his food plot. And Rick always does a great job. So you want to listen to some of the tips from him.
  • Dave: We couldn’t get him to do his dove call though.
  • Johnathan: That’s right. No dove call today.
  • Dave: Well folks, we appreciate you watching this video review and encourage you to listen to the entire land show with Dave and Johnny.