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The Land Show Episode 291

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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Chris Nix, Alligator Program Coordinator for Alabama Department of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries, is on to discuss the upcoming alligator season and the alligator population around the state.
  • Jeremy Calvert, owner of J. Calvert Farms in Cullman County, discusses how his family farm adapted during the COVID season, and that he is planting 40 new varieties of peach trees.
  • Robert King shares some stories about recent poultry farm sales in our Farmland Report.
  • Sam Goldasich, new agent with Southeastern Land Group, discusses a great property in Talladega County that he recently put under contract.

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  • Dave: Jonathan it was another great Land Show man I think really interesting. Had Mr. Chris Nicks on with the alligator program coordinator for DCNR. Man that program has exploded.
  • Johnny: It really has.
  • Dave: I think he’s up to 260 tags.
  • Johnny: Yeah, yeah.
  • Dave: It’s really interesting.
  • Johnny: Started out at 50 gators now up to 260, so that and that uh, drawing opens next week. So put in starting June 1st.
  • Dave: Yup.
  • Johnny: With the Then we went up to Coleman, Alabama. We talked to Mr. Jeremy Calvert. With J Calvert farms up there doing a lot of neat things. One that was really surprising to us. You asked a great question. He’s planting 40 new varieties, new to him varieties of peach trees this year. So it’ll be interesting to see, what he learns through that process.
  • Dave: Yeah, that’s amazing. Great area, that Coleman County area And then found Robert King all right. It’s just amazing how Poultry South has grown to, you know the leaders and the, you know poultry farm sales in Southeastern United States. We’re open five States…
  • Johnny: Yeah.
  • Dave: In the last several days selling poultry farms, other types of farms. Robert’s a great interview and one of the best land brokers in the United States
  • Johnny: He is and then we talked to him, one of our newest agents Sam Golda said, she’s coming out of the gate, rocking and rolling there. He just put a 200 acre place in Talladega County under contract with you. He was a college golfer. They thought he was going to recruit him and play golf with him on our company outings.
  • Dave: I’m so bad that he couldn’t even, he couldn’t even overcome. Overcome my massive. He couldn’t overcome my massive handicap. And, and I was tired of your team, always winning, but your recruit, you know you’re better than I am and you’re recruit.
  • Johnny: Calvin Pairman.
  • Dave: Calvin Pairman is pretty dang good.
  • Johnny: He’s a good golfer for sure. We met him it was a, it was another good show. I’m glad we appreciate you all tuning in today for sure.
  • Dave: Yeah absolutely. Thanks for tuning in and be sure to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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