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The Land Show Episode 296

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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Chris Isaacson, President of the Alabama Forestry Association, comes in studio to explain the recent spike in lumber prices, and what we can expect going forward.
  • Zack Brown with the World Deer Expo shares about the upcoming event July 16-18, 2021 in Birmingham.
  • Chuck Bradley, Coosa County native, was recently awarded the title of World Champion Livestock Auctioneer, and joins us to discuss how he got into auctioneering.
  • Brian Watts updates us on recent timber sales around the state in our Timber Talk segment.

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  • Dave: Jonathan, we had a jam packed Land Show.
  • Johnny: We did.
  • Dave: It was really great, we had Mr. Chris Isaacson, the President of Alabama Forestry Association, really interesting segment. We talked about lumber prices, supply and demand. Fortunately, lumber’s coming down a little bit right now, which is great. And maybe timber will go up a little bit. So, you know we could’ve talked to him for three hours, guy knows a lot.
  • Johnny: He does and I’m sure everywhere he goes, he’s put on the spot right now,
  • Dave: Oh yeah.
  • Johnny: Ask him about lumber prices. And then we went and talked to Zach Brown, he’s in charge of the World Deer Expo there in Birmingham coming up July, what do we got, 16th through the 18th at the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center, looking forward to Southeastern Land Group having a booth, The Land Show booth, Dave and I’ll be there. Y’all come visit with us.
  • Dave: Y’all come see us. We’d love to see you there. And then Huntsville the week before, we’ll be in Huntsville the week before.
  • Johnny: Yeah, and then bug masters in August. So we’re making the circuit.
  • Dave: Right, and then we had a really fun segment. Had Chuck Bradley on, who’s a world champion auctioneer, livestock auctioneer, just won the 2021 competition. Great young guy, works at Montgomery stockyard, auctions every week there. And I believe you paid like $70 for a steak sandwich?
  • Johnny: I did, I did.
  • Dave: We had a little auction
  • Johnny: He auctioned it off. I told you I’m a sucker for an auction. And then we wrapped it up with Brian Watts, he’s the president of our Timber Sales Division with Southeastern Land Group. He gave us kind of an overview of some things you can be doing to help your forester when it comes time to do a timber sale. So Brian and his team of foresters for Southeastern land group are really knowledgeable. They do a good job and, Dave, Happy Father’s Day to you, my friend.
  • Dave: You too, man, we talked about that too, at the beginning of the show, about how our fathers and our grandfathers really had a lot to do with us being here, that our love of land, and being introduced to hunting and fishing and farming and all the things that we love to do. And folks, we appreciate getting your ideas on and be sure to listen to the entire Land Show with David and Johnny.

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