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The Land Show Episode 297

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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Taylor Hatchett, owner of Boozer Farms, shares how she got into farming and what is happening on their family farm now.
  • Robert King discusses the recent announcement of a graphite processing plant in Coosa County in our Farmland Report.
  • Andrew Harp, loan officer with Alabama Ag Credit, comes in studio to discuss the recent trends and great rates in land loans.
  • William Lyon talks about a great hunting property for sale in Lowndes County and updates us on what is happening with Southeastern Estates.

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  • Dave: Jonathan it was another great land show, man. We started off with your family farmer there, Taylor Hatchet, with Boozer farms here in Thorsby and right there in the center of Chilton county. And what’s a great farming area, isn’t it?
  • Johnny: It is man.They produce a lot of good produce, everybody in Alabama, and who’s been to the beach knows Chilton county peaches, and man they’re coming on this time of the year, I always enjoy talking to them.
  • Dave: What do they call the boxes, CSA?
  • Johnny: Yeah the community supports the agriculture. We get a foreign box every week of fresh produce that they’ve grown. And it’s a nice, it’s a nice thing to have coming to the house every week.
  • Dave: Yeah absolutely.
  • Johnny: And then we went to Clay county, talked to our good friend, Robert King and he gave us a farm land report and just kind of talking about something off the farm today, the new graphite plant
  • Dave: Yeah
  • Johnny: That’s been announced this coming to Coosa county, that’s going to be a big deal for Coosa county.
  • Dave: Yeah It’s going to be a big, big deal for Coosa county, Alec city area. And then we talked a little history too about, you know, governor Patterson dying and Gonville and the history of the gold rush in Alabama. And then that graphite go kind of run together.
  • Johnny: Yeah, yeah, they do. And then Andrew Harp, with Alabama Ag credit came in studio, it’s good to talk to him, hearing about what’s going on in, the land market, you know, from our experience. And then what we’re hearing from others, it’s just, really busy right now.
  • Dave: They do a great job. We appreciate them being sponsored the show. And then we finished out the show, brought him to closure William line. He’s got a fantastic offering there in Lounge county, great hunting track, 437 acres. We’ve done a great job with Southeastern estate. So a little farms all over the state homes out in the countryside, people wanting to move out and vote. Speaking of moving out, please contact us with Southeastern land group. If you’re interested in buying it or selling, we got the deer shows coming up. One of the spotlight shows, spotlight properties and those shows, and we appreciate you all listening to this video review and encourage you to listen to the entire land show with Dave and Johnny.

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