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The Land Show Episode 302

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This week on the Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Ryan Folk, founder of Landflip and LANDTHINK, joins us to talk about current trends in the rural land market across the country, and also some of the best ways to use Landflip to search for available properties. 
  • Joel Sirmon, of Sirmon Farms in Baldwin County, discusses his family’s row crop farm where they grow sweet potatoes, cotton, and peanuts. 
  • Randall Upchurch talks about hay cutting and gives an update on the poultry farm market in the Farmland Report. 
  • Brian Watts shares current conditions in timber markets across the state during the rainy weather we have been having in our Timber Talk segment. 

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  • Dave: Well, Jonathan, we actually had Dave and Johnny on The Land Show today.
  • Johnny: That’s right.
  • Dave: You got back from Yellowstone, Teton in one piece. Glad to have you back on the show.
  • Johnny: Yeah, it’s good, it’s good to be back. I got to say I didn’t really miss the sweltering temps that I heard about.
  • Dave: You left at, you left at the right time.
  • Johnny: while we were gone.
  • Dave: You left at the right time. But we had a great show today. Ryan Folk, who’s the President and one of the founders of LandFlip, LandThink Network, one of our fine sponsors of The Land Show, brought us up to speed on everything going on in the land world, really nationwide.
  • Johnny: Yeah, he did a good job. And then we went down to Baldwin County. Had an interesting interview with Joel Sirmon of Sirmon Farms down there. First time probably in our show history where we’ve actually interviewed a sweet potato farmer.
  • Dave: That was interesting.
  • Johnny: Kind of got the scoop. Yeah, I learned a lot about sweet potatoes on that, so he did a good job.
  • Dave: He did, and I didn’t realize what a big, you know, big operation. You know, they supply Walmart and other places like that. And then we found a big man actually on his farm, Randall Upchurch, usually roaming and selling poultry farms, for PoultrySouth, and he, he was cutting hay today. We talked about, we both talked about hay and alfalfa out West and a lot of interesting things.
  • Johnny: It was, and then we wrapped it up with Brian Watts, and he gave us a recap on how all this recent rain is affecting the timber markets around the state. A lot of positive things happening.
  • Dave: A lot of positive.
  • Johnny: Y’all got a brand new Timberland package.
  • Dave: Yeah, 5,127 acres in the piedmont area, institutional managed land, a lot of premerchable plantations coming on. Really, really good opportunity for 7.9 million. We talked about all the, you talked about all the increased demand levels from these institutions, both nationally and internationally.
  • Johnny: Yeah, it’s been real interesting to see. And then if y’all happen to be in the Montgomery area today, we’ll be at the Alabama Farm and Land Expo from 1:00 to 5:00. Southeastern Land Group and The Land Show will have a booth, so stop by and see us. There’ll be at least, you know, four or five of the folks that are normally on The Land Show will be there, so we’d love to hear from you. We appreciate, as always, folks tuning in.
  • Dave: Yeah, hey thanks for listening to this video review and we encourage you to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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