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The Land Show Episode 304

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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Greg South, owner of Chief Ladiga Trading Post and Dugger Mountain Fudge and Coffee, talks about their unique family-run business selling firearms, sporting goods, and tasty treats.
  • Beverly Callaway, the Development Director for Southern Preparatory Academy, talks about the historic legacy of Lyman Ward Academy, and the upcoming dove shoot on September 18 to benefit the school.
  • Randall Upchurch discusses calving season on his family farm in Clay County in the Farmland Report.
  • Brian Watts updates us on a few recent timber sales in our Timber Talk segment.

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  • Dave: Jonathan, I’m glad to be back studio with you today,
  • Johnny: Yeah.
  • Dave: after a week’s vacation, man. So I’m surprised they let me back in.
  • Johnny: Ha no.
  • Dave: I was hoping you found somebody else to fill in for me.
  • Johnny: No you’re the voice of The Land Show. I mean, so I’m glad that you’re back, but you had a good vacation with your family?
  • Dave: We did. We did. Glad to be back. Always makes you appreciate coming home. The North Carolina mountains are pretty, but we talked about the mountains at Northeast Alabama
  • Johnny: That’s right.
  • Dave: That Dugger mountain and Piedmont area, White Plains, that area is as pretty as it gets in the Eastern United States. Unbelievable, interesting business, great people there. We talked to Greg South and his business with his wife. It’s just Greg and Jennifer South, Dugger Mountain Fudge and Coffee and then the Chief Ladiga Trading Post. Guns and fudge. His and hers, I like it, it sounds like good stuff.
  • Johnny: Well, the fudge is mine too.
  • Dave: Yeah, me too.
  • Johnny: Great segment, great segment.
  • Dave: You guns might’ve been for her, you never know.
  • Johnny: Yeah you never know.
  • Dave: You never know.
  • Johnny: And then we had our friend, Beverly Callaway, in. She’s taken a new role as the Director of Development at Southern Preparatory Academy, formerly Lyman Ward over there next to your house.
  • Dave: Camp Hill Alabama, yep.
  • Johnny: That’s beautiful Camp Hill, Alabama. So it was interesting. And then there’s a big dove shoot that’s coming up, September 18.
  • Dave: In Letohatchee in Lowndes County.
  • Johnny: Yeah, Letohatchee. So it was good to have Beverly in today.
  • Dave: Yeah. Beverly did a good job. And then we found a big man giving our farmland report at home. He was on the farm in Clay County there. Randall Upchurch, talked about calving and he’s got a unique hobby and he loves calving and he makes money.
  • Johnny: Yeah. No doubt. And then we wrapped it up with Brian Watts, president of our timber sales division, talking about a couple of current timber sales that he’s got. And also the benefit of having a timber crew when you get ready to purchase or sell a piece of land. So, good show, man.
  • Dave: It’s a good show. We just encourage you to keep giving us your questions and ideas at We encourage you to listen to the entire land show with Dave and Johnny.

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