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The Land Show Episode 307

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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Greg Wingo, Race Director for the Great Alabama 650 Race, joins us to talk about the “world’s longest river race” that kicks off this weekend.
  • Bethany O’Rear, with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, discusses the continued growth of the Grow More, Give More campaign, and also how landowners and farmers can combat the nuisance armyworms.
  • Russ Walters talks about the maturity testing they are doing for peanuts on their family farm in Covington County in preparation for harvest.
  • Scott Mills shares a Montgomery area land market update, and also about a new 17 acre property for sale in Bullock County.

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  • Dave: Jonathan, I’m glad to be back with you today, man.
  • Johnny: Yeah, man! It’s good to be with you. I’m glad we got another episode of The Land Show in the books. It’s a great show today.
  • Dave: It was really interesting. First segment, guy we’ve had on for the last couple of years. It may be the most interesting segment that we do all year is this Greg Wingo, race director of this Alabama 650, this big canoe race, and that is so interesting.
  • Johnny: Yeah.
  • Dave: You know?
  • Johnny: They’ve been trying hard to get you and me to be a tandem team. And we don’t have a boat with a gun well.
  • Dave: We’re going to be in the motorboat division.
  • Johnny: That’s right, but yeah check that out. The you can follow along. The race kicks off today. It goes for the next 10 days, so that’d be an awesome race. And then we had our friend Miss Bethany O’Rear with the Alabama cooperative extension system on, she talked to us about the Grow More, Give More Campaign, Master gardeners, and then everybody’s enemy this summer, the army worms and what you can do to treat those. So it was really interesting.
  • Dave: Yeah. And speaking of the extension system, we had Russ Walters on to give our farmland report and he’s bringing peanuts in and farming right now and testing peanuts and it’s the extension system that’s helping.
  • Johnny: Yeah.
  • Dave: And he’d been there for generations with his family and so that was interesting to tie it all together.
  • Johnny: Yeah. They’re running a maturity test on his farm and it’s on the peanuts, not on Russ cause we know- And then our good friend, Scott Mills came in and talked to us about the Montgomery Market. Things that are happening in and around Montgomery and a great 17 acre farm there in Bullet County. Sounded like a really neat place that won’t stay around very long.
  • Dave: Yeah. And all three of us better go dove hunting, Scott and I going to Lowndes County and you going to buck or calf?
  • Johnny: To The Dove Daddy Experience.
  • Dave: You’re going to Dove Daddy.
  • Johnny: Looking forward to seeing that.
  • Dave: It’s a we’re all excited about dove huntin’. It’s that time of the year. Folks, we appreciate you watching this video review and encourage you to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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