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The Land Show Episode 308

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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Kayla Greer, Communications Director for the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association, was in to promote “Beef Month” which occurs every October. She shared about some great events and initiatives the Association is holding around the state. 
  • Robert King talked about winter forage grasses on his family farm in Clay County in our Farmland Report. 
  • John Hardin was on to talk about a special, legacy property, Circle N Farm, which consists of over 4,000 acres near Auburn, Alabama. It is a premier sporting property, with tremendous timber stands and development potential.
  • Taylor Hart, with First South Farm Credit, discusses current land lending opportunities and the strong demand buyers still have for small acreage parcels where they can live in a rural setting.

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  • Dave: Jonathan, another great Land Show.
  • Johnny: Yeah.
  • Dave: I tell you I got hungry with that first segment there. Ms. Kayla Greer came in the studio, Communication Director for the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association. Man, I’m excited about that. Steak cook off, steak sandwich cook off with the Cattlemen’s Association in Coleman.
  • Johnny: October 16th, Coleman, Alabama. They’re going to have steak sandwiches, sounds like somewhere we need to be.
  • Dave: We could be steak moths.
  • Johnny: I’m a big, dumb animal already. And then we went over to Auburn, talked to our good friend, John Hardin, who is our qualifying broker for Southeastern Land Group in the state of Georgia. Man, he talked to us about a great new property that he has recently listed there in that area. The Circle N Farm, a little over 4,000 acres contiguous there in Lee County, $19 million. Sounds like a really special place.
  • Dave: It is a special, special place. And then found ol’ Robert King up on his farm there in Clay County, giving us our farmland report. We talked about his herd, and then we talked about our newest agent in Tennessee, there on the Alabama-Tennessee line in Huntland, Tennessee, Mr. Tyler Bauer. We’re really excited about all the good things that he’s going to do.
  • Johnny: That’s a pretty part of the world up there, for sure. And then Taylor Hart with First South Farm Credit came in, talked to us about the continued demand they’re seeing for small, rural properties in and around Auburn and all the big cities in the state. And it’s just a trend that we hope will continue. First South Farm Credit has been a faithful sponsor of our show, you mentioned, since we kicked off.
  • Dave: Thanks to all of our sponsors and you know, rates are still low, great program. Y’all check out First South Farm Credit.
  • Johnny:
  • Dave: Hey folks, we appreciate you watching this video review and encourage you to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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