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The Land Show Episode 311

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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Chip Blalock joins us from Moultrie, Georgia to discuss the upcoming 43rd annual Sunbelt Ag Expo. It is going to be a fantastic event from October 19-21.
  • Jerry Etheridge, of the Montgomery Stockyards, talks to about the historic livestock sales that happen at the Montgomery Stockyards.
  • Randall Upchurch shares an update on poultry farms around the Southeast in our Farmland Report.

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  • Dave: Well, Johnathan, we kinda had a farm theme for the Land Show today.
  • Johnny: We sure did today.
  • Dave: It was kind of a farm theme. Had Mr. Chip Blaylock who’s, who runs a Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Georgia; really important show to our company, Southeastern Land Group. And I have a booth there, I think building B there; the poultry south team and some of the other Southeastern Land Group guys will be there. A really exciting time.
  • Johnny: Yeah, it sounds like it’s gonna be. And then we had Mr. Jerry Etheredge on from the Montgomery Stockyards right here in Montgomery, talked about the historical legacy of the stockyards, and then also the services they provide to local farmers who need to sell some livestock. And then we talked about those famous stake sandwiches that everybody knows about from around here.
  • Dave: Yeah. That’s a great place. You need to stop into Montgomery Stockyards, get you a steak sandwich.
  • Johnny: For sure.
  • Dave: And speaking of steaks, we had a guy that grows and grows a great steak. He grows a great Angus steak and, and some, some fantastic, fantastic herds that he’s dealt with for generations. The Upchurch family, Mr. Randall Upchurch, updated us on Poultry South; 30 pending sales.
  • Johnny: That’s crazy.
  • Dave: That’s a new record for Poultry South. Really amazing what those guys are doing.
  • Johnny: It really is. We appreciate you all tuning in to The Land Show today. And if you’ve got any questions, send those to Dave and me at We always love to get those.
  • Dave: Yeah. And we appreciate you all tuning in and please listen to the whole podcast of this week’s Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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