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The Land Show Episode 313

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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Daniel Davis, owner of Davis Fish Farms, joins us to with good information about stocking and managing your private fishing ponds to produce trophy bass.
  • Michael “Big Mike” Cole, owner of Big Mike’s Steakhouses, is a special guest that shares about how his now famous restaurants began and how they spread around the state.
  • Fred Hanners, agent with Southeastern Land Group, gives a land market update on what is happening in the Wiregrass. He also tells us about a great 81 acre property for sale on the Choctawhatchee River.
  • Dave and Jonathan discuss Alabama Property Taxes which became due on October 1.

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  • Dave: Jonathan was a great show today, man, I tell you as always on our show and only get hungry. Cause we, we, we somehow gravitate towards food.
  • Johnny: We do that.
  • Dave: Yeah and we went from having Daniel Davis with Davis fish farm. He’s doing a tremendous job for me and other land owners around the state stocking and maintaining ponds and managing. And so that we start talking about fried fish and that, that, that led indeed to even some better food.
  • Johnny: It did, man. I was excited. We had Big Mike, Michael Cole, Big Mike, Big Mike steak houses own today and talked about his five locations that he’s got and the one that’s coming to Huntsville and we just talked about how they’d won Alabama’s best steak a few years ago, man. It is it’s funny. And that’s part of beef month, you know, we’re we talk about all the growing and the stockyard and, and all that kind of stuff. But the, the, the fun part is what we talked about today.
  • Dave: Man I was happy when big mines came to Albert and I was, that was a happy day for me. And then, you know, speaking of happy, we’d talk to a guy who makes a lot of landowners down in the wire grass.
  • Johnny: For sure.
  • Dave: Big, another big, big, big, big Fred Fred. We went to Fred listed property into grass. You know, he’s going to be pinned in real soon. He’s doing a great job down in the, all over the wire grass.
  • Johnny: Yeah, he talked about a great property on the Choctaw Hatchie river, 81 acres there. So be looking for that on the se land and then we closed it out talking about property taxes. This is the time of the year when people’s property taxes are due after October 1st and Alabama. So go pay those and how its…
  • Dave: And we talked about current use. If you don’t, if you’ve got a piece of rural land Timberland or farm land, and you don’t know what current use is, you need to, you need to find out yeah.
  • Johnny: Look into, well, thank you all. And always send us your Dave, and I love to get those. And man, it is, we’ve been doing this six years. It’s been, it’s been fun so far.
  • Dave: And appreciate our listeners. Appreciate it. A great sponsors behind us here and encourage you to listen to the entire land show with Dave and Johnny.

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