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The Land Show Episode 320

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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Jerry Todd is on to talk about their fantastic venue at Kick Back Ranch in south Montgomery County.
  • Robert King discusses their family cattle farm, and shares insights into how someone can get into owning some cattle.
  • John Morris relates the story of how one of his sons harvested his first deer on their family farm in Coosa County.
  • Hunter McBrayer is in studio to reveal who the 2021 Outstanding Farm Family winner is, and also talks about the 100th anniversary of the Alabama Farmers Federation.

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  • Dave: Well, John is good to see you again, man. I tell you what, we’ve been AWOL, thanks to the Skipper that’s filming us right now for keeping the show going. We’re out last week, and thanks to Jerry Todd and Mindy Newell, the hostess at Kickback Ranch. And we had a great sales meeting down there there with a paying job, southeastern Land Group and had Gerry on. He’s a rodeo announcer out west and he’s traveling out west and he goes all over, what a great family business you’ll need to check out Kickback Ranch.
  • Johnny: It really was a fine place and fun to stay. You do want to check that out. And then we went to Clay County. We talked to Robert King and he talked about his generational cattle farm there in Clay County and how the new calf on the farm was excited and gave some really good tips on how folks can get started in the cattle business, how you can introduce your family to that. So I found that to be really helpful.
  • Dave: And we went just out from Play down in Acoustic County. I call it a Lamb, twin Lakes and Tethosa River, just a real wilderness area as a whole. And talked to John Morris, one of our finest agents there south of Birmingham, but sells a lot in that part of the state and has a family recreational track, timber land with a cabin and just sharing memories with his young sons, harvesting their deer. And I think one of them got their first deer just great memories.
  • Johnny: Yes, that’s exciting stuff. And then her McBrayer with Alpha Farmers Federation came in and talked to us about the 100 year anniversary and the outstanding young farm family and just the really neat things that are happening there. And it’s encouraging to have an organization like that and other organizations around the state that really promote the interest and help protect the interests of landowners and farmers and agriculture and all the things that are important to the economy and say about Amen to that.
  • Dave: We want to thank Alpha here and all of our other sponsors behind us here in the backdrop. And folks who want to thank you for watching this video review and encourage you to listen to the entire Land Show with David Johnny.

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