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The Land Show Episode 323

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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Marianne Hudson, Conservation Outreach Coordinator with the Alabama Department of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries, joins us to give a mid-season update on Alabama’s Game Check and particularly what is happening on our Wildlife Management Areas (WMA’s). 
  • Allen Deese, with The Wildlife Group, talks about planting trees to provide year-round forage for your deer, turkeys, quail, and other wildlife. 
  • Titus Weaver, of Weaver Deer Processing, is on to discuss their family deer processing operation in Morgan County, and some interesting products that you can order when you harvest a deer. 
  • Russ Walters talks about a recent property that we sold in Lowndes and Dallas Counties in our Farmland Report. 

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  • Dave: Well, Jonathan, Merry Christmas, man.
  • Johnny: Merry Christmas, buddy.
  • Dave: I’ll tell you, it was a great sort of a hunting theme, getting in the Woods, getting back in the Woods. And we started off with Miss Marianne Hudson. She’s the communications director for wildlife and freshwater fisheries, is here in our state of Alabama, and she just had a lot of energy and was really a great ambassador for everything going state told us about the game check system that’s gaining in popularity and how important that is in the wildlife management areas and lots and lots of good information.
  • Johnny: Yeah. She was great. And then we went down to near your neck of the Woods in Macon County. Mr. Allen with the wildlife group, talked about different kinds of trees that you can plant forage for your deer and Turkey and Quail and just how to really improve the quality of the food sources there on your property.
  • Dave: We went from where to Hunt the deer and how to raise them big. And then the most important part, we talked about how to eat some good products.
  • Johnny: Feeding deer to feeding people.
  • Dave: Exactly. Titus Weaver with Weaver Deer processing in Morgan County. So many folks around North Alabama and other places know about them. They’re great, great products and great people.
  • Johnny: Absolutely. And then we wrapped it up with Russ Walters down in Covington County, talked to him about a recent duck Hunt that he and I, some other guys just took. And then also the Mush Creek track that we just closed, 1920 acres in Dallas and Lance County. Really neat property had a great story. And it was a real privilege for us to help the folks that were involved in it.
  • Dave: Yeah. A great sale with a great farm and family heritage passed on to another group. Folks, we hope you all have a Merry Christmas. Hope you had a fantastic 2021. We look forward to being with you in 2022. Encourage you to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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