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The Land Show Episode 341

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  • Dave: Well, Jonathan, it was an interesting show today, man. It was always great to get started with Commissioner Rick Pate, who’s the commissioner of Ag and Industries here in our state. Man, he’s just always a great interview, a lot of great-
  • Johnny: He is.
  • Dave: … information about Disadvantaged Farmer Program, trying to encourage more African American farmers. Then we got into the cattle processing and then we got into the schools. It was really interesting.
  • Johnny: Yeah, it was. Then we talked to a friend of yours, Mr. Fred Brooks, with a predator obsession there in Coosa County and he’s doing a lot of coyote eradication and hunting, and helping landowners grow their deer herd and their turkey population by removing some of these pests.
  • Dave: He was an interesting guy. He even gave us a little call there on the [inaudible].
  • Johnny: He did. He did.
  • Dave: [inaudible] a little squeaky call. I don’t know what it was, but it sounded good. The first two segments were so good, we just had three guests today. Had Mr. Robert King and that’s like having two guests it’s so good. He gave us some great information about turkey farming, which is… We’ve got our first turkey farm under contract in South Carolina. We talked about the differences in turkey farming and chicken farming. Then, also, about the cattle markets in the state.
  • Johnny: Not something we deal with here in Alabama very much. We want to say happy Mother’s Day to our wives and our mothers and all the moms who are out there, happy Mother’s Day. Thanks for all you do to keep the wheels on the families, for sure.
  • Dave: Absolutely. Folks, as always, we appreciate you watching this video review and encourage you to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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